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Telecontrol Technology Connection for Customer Transfer Stations

Easy connection of decentralized generation systems, storage systems and end customers – to help connect customer systems to the e.on, Westnetz, EnBW and EWE medium-voltage grids via telecontrol technology, WAGO provides communication libraries for download at no cost – corresponding to the specific technical connection rules of the application. Or perhaps a complete control cabinet – including software parameterization?


  • Industry-proven telecontrol technology hardware; hardened per BDEW white paper
  • Easy software parameterization with no programming per VDE-AR-N 4110
  • Complete solution of hard- and software in a finished control cabinet

Why Telecontrol Technology Connection?

Decentralized generation systems and customer transfer stations that connect directly to a network operator's grid are to be connected via telecontrol technology. This is needed primarily for two reasons:

  1. To support network operations:
    This requires transmitting signals, data and/or messages; e.g., position reports over the medium-voltage switchgear, warning and error messages about the system and the equipment to protect the grid, feedback about system availability, operation measured values at the network connection point and information about control of the reactive energy.
  2. For feed-in management per §9 EEG:
    The connection point used here is the one the telecontrol technology connection uses for generation plants and storage facilities, so the prescribed setpoints for the reactive power supply (including response) and the measurement values for recording the actual output can be transferred.

Both tasks – network operation purposes and feed-in management are to be implemented as combined in one telecontrol technology facility. The network operators regulate their respective requirements to the telecontrol technology connection of customer transfer stations to medium-voltage grids in what are referred to as grid guidelines, specifications and technical connection requirements (TABs).

For medium voltage, the distribution network operator provides a gateway that makes the required signal scope available at the communication interface – and these may be different: Westnetz, for example, provides an IP-based interface (IEC 60870-15-104); while a serial protocol (IEC 60870-5-101) was provided for the telecontrol technology connection to the medium voltage networks from e.on.

These interfaces then comprise the boundaries between the respective properties of the network operator and customer. On the customer side, then a corresponding telecontrol technology that can provides the required signal scope should be deployed.

Network Areas

Complete solutions for customer transfer stations for the following territories:

  • Avacon Netz GmbH
  • Bayernwerk Netz GmbH
  • E.DIS Netz GmbH
  • HanseWerk AG (including network operator of the HanseWerk Group)
  • Netze BW
  • EWE
  • Westnetz

Your network area is not among them?

The telecontrol technology connection of generation plants, storage facilities and load customers to the medium-voltage networks from other supply areas per VDE-AR-N 4110.

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Generation Plants at the Medium-Voltage Network

Telecontrol Technology Connection – Simple, Scalable, Flexible

WAGO Telecontrol Technology has proven itself in the energy branch – especially in network telecontrol stations as data collection point and interface coordinator. In addition to myriad other protocols, it includes the requisite communication protocols IEC 60870-5-101, -103, -104 and Modbus® for telecontrol technology connection of energy generation plants and the necessary cybersecurity packages.

Most of the communication libraries for the telecontrol technology connection of generation plants are free and are already tuned to the respective specifications, or to the corresponding signal scope of the technical connection requirements (TABs) of the network operator and in coordination with WAGO telecontrol technology, the software can easily be parameterized.

As the all-around no-hassle package WAGO offers a plug-and-play solution control cabinets consisting of pre-wired control cabinets tuned to the respective network connection, including simple basic example program for the parameterization.

The WAGO Solution at a Glance:

  • No-cost communication libraries for the telecontrol technology connection of decentral generation plants, storage and load customers in the medium-voltage networks of e.on, Westnetz, EnBW and EWE
  • Plug and play: With complete solutions customized to the respective specifications of the specific network operator; they consist of a pre-wired control cabinet with corresponding hardware and easy-to-parameterize example programs.
  • Efficient support and service during hardware procurement as well as the experience and knowledge to also provide support to deviating network areas in connecting the network to medium voltage per VDE AR N 4110

Medium-Voltage Grid Connection
– a Simple Plug-and-Play Approach

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RTU for Telecontrol Technology

The WAGO RTU solutions use the modular WAGO I/O System, which has a long-standing record of success, as the platform. Special telecontrol protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP3, Modbus®) were added to the scalable-performance controllers. In combination with the option of IEC-61131-3 programming, this allows all tasks – both telecontrol communication tasks and station automation tasks – to be handled flexibly and, above all, easily.

Power Plant Controllers with WAGO Power Plant Control

Power plant controllers help power plants achieve grid-compatible feed-in management at the grid connection point (GCP).

WAGO Power Plant Control allows plant operators and system integrators to meet the requirements for these controllers that are set on the grid side – flexibly and reliably. The solution is certified per VDE-AR-N 4110 and 4120.

Reliable Telecontrol Technology

The world’s fossil fuel supply is finite, and global warming is already well underway. Failure is not an option for the energy transition. Telecontrol technology will play a special role in the implementation, since the electricity, gas, water and heat infrastructures in particular involve spread-out service areas and remote stations.

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