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Explosion Protection Principles

Get what you need to know about explosion protection, find out about our explosion protection products and see them in action.


What happens during an explosion, which factors are important, and what protective measures are available? Discover everything you need to know about ATEX, Ex zones and ignition protection categories right here.


Explosion Protection Products

Discover our Ex-approved products within automation technology, electrical interconnections and electronic interface devices.


WAGO at Work

Discover the industry's biggest topics and our solutions for today and tomorrow. Find out more about the different application areas of our products here.


Laboratory Tests

To use terminal blocks globally, they must satisfy certain standards and obtain test certificates.


WAGO at Work

Topics and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

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Process 4.0

Digitally transform and reshape processes: WAGO is your reliable partner for custom development and implementation.


Modular Process Automation

Modular systems concepts like DIMA are the solution to constantly shifting market demands. WAGO supports your development process.