Item no. 2857-533/000-001

Threshold value switches; RTD sensors; 1 make contact; Digital output; Configuration via software; Supply voltage: 24 VDC; 12.5 mm module width; Railway

Item no. 2857-533/000-001
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Short description:
The WAGO RTD Threshold Value Switch for RTD sensors, potentiometers and resistors monitors and reports signals for up to two switching thresholds.
  • Both digital signal output and relay with make contact react to configured measurement range limits (on/off switching delay and threshold value switch function can be configured with up to two threshold values).
  • Configurable RTD factor
  • Adjustable software filter
  • Simulation of input/output response via WAGO Configuration Display or WAGO Interface Configuration Software
  • Safe 3-way isolation with 4 kV test voltage per EN 61010-1
  • For railway applications

This product is supplied with 24 VDC, which can be commoned using lateral push-in type jumper bars: (6.1) US+ (BR) and (6.2) GND 2 (BR). With this variant, it is necessary to ensure that the maximum permissible total current of 2 A is not exceeded.

Product details

Technical data
Configuration options WAGO Interface Configuration Software
WAGO Configuration Display
Input signal type RTD sensors
Input – RTD sensors
Sensor types (RTD) Pt100
Pt10 … Pt20000
Sensor connection 2-wire; 3-wire; 4-wire; differential
Sensor power supply (RTD) (max.) ≤ 0.5 mA
Measurement range, temperature (RTD) -200 … 850°C
Input – resistors
Input range (resistor) 0 … 100 kΩ
Input range (potentiometer) 0 … 100 kΩ
Output – digital
Switching voltage (DO) (max.) Supply voltage (applied): −0.3 V
Continuous current (DO) (max.) 100 mA (no internal restriction)
Number of switching thresholds (DO) 1 or 2 (adjustable)
Configurable rise/fall delay time (DO) 0 … 60 s (via software)
Output – relay
Number of make/switch-on contacts 1
Contact material (relay) AgNi + Au
Switching voltage (max.) AC 250 V
Limiting continuous current (relay; module assembly) 6 A (≤ 60 °C); 3 A (60 … 70 °C)
Dielectric strength, open contact (AC, 1 min) 1 kVrms
Pull-in time (typ.) 8 ms
Drop-out time (typ.) 4 ms
Bounce time (typ.) 8 ms
Number of switching thresholds (relay) 1 or 2 (adjustable)
Configurable rise/fall delay time (relay) 0 … 60 s (via software)
Signal processing
Software filter (adjustable) Moving average value (filter level: 30)
Step response (typ.) 60 ms (2-wire); 360 ms (3-wire); 540 ms (4-wire); 360 ms (Potentiometer)
Measurement error
Transmission error (max.) ± 1 K
Temperature coefficient ≤ 0,01 %/K
Power supply type 24 VDC
Nominal supply voltage US DC 24 V (SELV)
Supply voltage range ±30 %
Power consumption at nominal supply voltage ≤ 40 mA (+ IDO)
Safety and protection
Rated voltage of the measurement circuit connections per EN 61010-2-030 AC 300 V
Note on insulation parameters Temperature sensors are not intended for use in dangerous circuits, provided the external temperature sensors used do not have basic insulation in accordance with EN 61010-1 (300 VAC; overvoltage category II; pollution degree 2).
The digital output (DO) is at the potential of the supply
Protection type IP20
Test voltage
Test voltage (input/relay output/supply) 4 kVAC; 60 Hz; 1 min
Test voltage (input/service interface) 3 kVAC; 60 Hz; 1 min
Test voltage (relay output/service interface) 4 kVAC; 60 Hz; 1 min
Test voltage (supply/service interface) 2.5 kVAC; 60 Hz; 1 min
Insulation parameters per EN 61010-1
Line-to-neutral conductor voltage (AC) max. 300 V
Overvoltage category II
Pollution degree 2
Insulation type (input, supply and service interface/relay output) Reinforced insulation
Insulation type (input/supply/service interface) Basic insulation
Connection data
Connection technology Push-in CAGE CLAMP®
WAGO Connector picoMAX® 5.0
Solid conductor 0.2 … 2.5 mm² / 24 … 12 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor 0.2 … 2.5 mm² / 24 … 12 AWG
Strip length 9 … 10 mm / 0.35 … 0.39 inch
Physical data
Width 12.5 mm / 0.492 inch
Height from upper-edge of DIN-rail 107 mm / 4.213 inch
Depth 110 mm / 4.331 inch
Mechanical data
Mounting type DIN-35 rail
Material data
Fire load 1.374 MJ
Weight 86 g
Environmental requirements
Surrounding air temperature (operation) -40 … 70 °C
Surrounding air temperature (storage) -40 … 85 °C
Temperature range of the connecting cable according to EN 61010-2-201 ≥ (Tsurrounding air + 30 K)
Relative humidity 5 … 95 %
Operating altitude (max.) 2000 m
Environmental conditions per DIN EN 50155:2018-05
Altitude A1
Operating temperature class OT3
Extended operating temperature at switch-on ST1
Quick temperature changes H1
Power supply interruptions S1
Power supply switching classes C2
Service life L4 at 40 °C (max.)
Protective coatings for populated PCBs PC2
Temporary supply voltage dips Criterion B
Standards and specifications
Conformity marking CE
EMC immunity to interference EN 61000-6-2; EN 61326-2-3; EN 50121-3-2
EMC emission of interference EN 61000-6-4; EN 61326-2-3; EN 50121-3-2
Standards/Specifications EN 61010-1; EN 61373
Commercial data
Packaging type bag
Country of origin DE
GTIN 4055144001570
Customs tariff number 90303370000
Compatible products
Installation Notes
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Configuration via WAGO Interface Configuration Software
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Conductor termination

Pluggable connection technology

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Lock-out seal option

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