Item no. 2759-244/210-1000

e!RUNTIME; Room Automation; Macro; Single License

Item no. 2759-244/210-1000
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WAGO Room Automation Macro
The WAGO Room Automation Macro is a basic application for room automation based on room segments. Sensors and actuators from the sunshade, lighting and room temperature control sections can be assigned to the room segments. In addition, these room segments can be combined flexibly into rooms. This is performed via the supplied visualization by placing partitions. The application supports up to 24 segments in a PFC on delivery and can be connected via Modbus® over UDP to other PFCs running the same application. Programming the WAGO Room Automation Macro can be easily changed or extended via e!COCKPIT.

Compatible Controllers:
750-8212; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS
750-8213; PFC200; G2; 2ETH CAN
750-8214; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS CAN
750-8215; PFC200; G2; 4ETH CAN USB
750-8216; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS CAN DPS

Besides the basic controller variants listed here, the license can also be used on these controllers' variants. For details, see the product information of the corresponding controller.
For detailed information on the controllers, go to: