Item no. 206-1216

Variocrimp 16 crimping tool; for insulated and uninsulated ferrules; Crimping range: 6, 10 and 16 mm²

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Application Notes

  • Select the wire gauge on “Variocrimp 16” before crimping.
  • Only one crimping station is needed to handle the specified conductor range.
  • Uniform, compact crimping all four sides for high conductor retention.
  • No need to center the ferrules into the terminals.
  • Crimping can be performed from either side (for left- or right-handed users).
  • Built-in ratchet mechanism ensures gas-tight crimp connection.
  • Crimping tools open automatically after crimping operation is complete.
  • Ergonomically designed handles.

What is a “gas-tight” connection?

In a gas-tight connection, the conductor and the ferrule are compressed, eliminating all spaces. Under normal atmospheric conditions, neither a liquid nor gaseous medium can penetrate the crimped connection.

Oxidation between crimped single conductors is prevented, virtually eliminating the possibility of any increase in the crimped connection’s resistance. In some exceptional cases, minute, isolated spaces may be present. However, these instances can be considered as closed off due to the twisted conductor.

Inadequate crimping can allow the conductor to be pulled out of the connection. Hollow spaces also remain, permitting oxidation formation

and an increase in contact resistance.

Elevated resistance is detrimental for both signal transmission (signal flow is damped) and power transmission, resulting in power loss and contact heating (risk of fire).

Crimping tools with built-in ratchets are recommended (e.g., WAGO Crimping Tools. These tools open automatically after the crimping operation is complete. Space-saving crimping from all four sides is ideal for spring clamp termination.

Ferruled conductor cross-sections specified for WAGO products are based on this crimping method.

Product details

Technical Data
Main product function Crimping tool
Material Data
Weight 600 g
Commercial data
Packaging type BOX
Country of origin DE
GTIN 4055143885461
Customs tariff number 82032000000
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Installation Notes
2 Images
Insert the ferruled conductor into the crimping station.
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Only for “Variocrimp 16”:
Adjust conductor cross section with crimping tool in open position.
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