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Rail / Chassis Mount Terminal Blocks

For every application!

Master every challenge with WAGO's rail-mount terminal block systems. Our complete, high-performance line of terminal blocks will be the platform for your solution!

Your benefits:

  • Complete, high-performance line of terminal blocks for every application
  • The highest level of safety: testing above and beyond the scope of industrial standards
  • Industry-proven spring pressure connection technology: fast, vibration-proof and maintenance-free
  • Additional savings through shorter wiring times, faster project commissioning and the elimination of service costs due to maintenance-free connections
  • Eliminate time-consuming preparation – no ferrules or crimping required

Product Family Overview

TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

In various industrial applications and modern building installations, WAGO's TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer more than just reliable electrical connections. The comprehensive line of through and function terminal blocks for conductor cross-sections from 0.14 to 25 mm2 (26–4 AWG) offers a variety of advantages.


  • Universal Push-in CAGE CLAMP® Connection Technology for all conductor types
  • Push-in termination of solid and stranded conductors, as well as fine-stranded conductors with ferrules
  • The right solution for all commoning tasks: continuous, adjacent, step-down, vertical jumpers and more
  • Continuous, multi-line marking strips for time- and cost-saving marking
  • Industry-leading safety reserves: a single rail-mount terminal block system for virtually any application in the world

TOPJOB® S Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

A compact design makes Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks ideal for work in tight spaces. Various mounting and actuation variants are also available for maximum flexibility, so you can choose your Mini terminal blocks based on use and convenience. Thanks to spring pressure connection technology, they are also suitable for vibration-proof connections and can be used in junction boxes of three-phase motors, for example.


  • Save space: compact design with full functionality
  • Reliable and secure: The proven spring pressure connection technology makes connections vibration-proof
  • Flexible mounting options: Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks can be secured on DIN-15 or DIN-35 rails and mounting plates with snap-in mounting foot or mounting flange
  • Quick and easy operation: For Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks, you can choose between a push-button and operating slot
  • Easy commoning, marking and testing

High-Current, Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with The POWER CAGE CLAMP®

The high-current, rail-mount terminal blocks with The POWER CAGE CLAMP® apply spring pressure to connect conductors up to 185 mm2 (350 kcmil). They are available as 35, 50, 95 and 185 mm2 (2, 1/0, 4/0 AWG; 350 kcmil) terminal blocks. Versions are available for both DIN-rail mounting and direct mounting onto the plate via mounting flanges.


  • For all applications: energy-intensive industries including machinery and equipment manufacturing, as well as energy production
  • Also suitable for harsh conditions: heat- and cold- resistant
  • Ex e II approvals (185 mm2/350 kcmil pending)
  • Easy to use: side-entry conductor insertion and locking tab for easy wiring
  • Fast termination: no time-consuming preparation - no ring terminals or ferrules required

X-COM®S-SYSTEM Pluggable Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

The WAGO X-COM®S-SYSTEM is available in two different cross-sections (2020 and 2022 Series). It is compatible with our TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks and the wide range of accessories from the TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Block family.


  • Terminate conductors up to 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG) in a terminal block width of just 3.5 mm (0.138 inch) and up to 4 mm2 (12 AWG) in a width of just 5.2 mm (0.205 inch)
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® for fast wiring
  • Push-in termination of solid and stranded conductors, as well as fine-stranded conductors with ferrules
  • Prevent mismating by coding groups with the same pole numbers
  • Secure female plugs via locking levers and strain relieft plates

Classic Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

The rail-mount terminal block program with proven CAGE CLAMP® Connection Technology has the right terminal block for any application: fuse, disconnect/test, diode and LED terminal blocks, pluggable terminal blocks – even rail-mount terminal blocks for wiring sensors and actuators.


  • Multilevel terminal blocks: Double- or triple-deck terminal blocks save space
  • CAGE CLAMP® connections: tried-and-tested billions of times
  • Multifaceted, individual commoning options via push-in type jumper bars, step-down jumpers, staggered jumpers, vertical jumpers, etc.
  • Circuit identification via WMB markers
  • Easy testing via pluggable and modular test plug adapters, as well as test plugs

Classic Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

WAGO's Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are ideal for space-limited applications and small conductor sizes. With WAGO's proven CAGE CLAMP® technology, these terminal blocks provide vibration-proof and reliable connections.


  • Require minimal enclosure space
  • Mounting on DIN-15 or DIN-35 rail
  • Light gray versions for EX e II applications
  • Easy commoning, marking and testing

Terminal Strip Solutions for Panel Mounting

Modular rail-mount terminal blocks are ideal for both custom- and ready-made terminal strips for panel mounting applications. These terminal blocks can be mounted via screw flanges, snap-in feet for mounting holes or for assembly onto aluminum carrier rails.


  • Various mounting options via flanges or snap-in feet
  • Easy wiring via front-entry or side-entry terminal blocks
  • Terminal blocks available with push-buttons on one or both sides
  • Nominal voltage (264 Series): 800 V
  • Wide application area: versions available for Ex e II applications

Compact Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

WAGO's Compact Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are extremely compact, making them ideal for space-restricted applications. The double- or triple-deck terminal blocks save even more space. WAGO's tried-and-tested CAGE CLAMP® technology provides reliable connections.


  • Mounting on DIN-15 or DIN-35 rail
  • Modular, pluggable tap-off modules for additional wire connections and testing
  • Light gray versions for Ex e II applications
  • Double- or triple-deck terminal blocks save even more space
  • Flexible commoning via two parallel jumper slots

Chassis-Mount Terminal Strips

The 862 Series is ideal for connecting up to four conductors sized 0.5 to 4 mm2 (20–12 AWG) per potential.


  • Connect up to four conductors ranging from 0.5 to 4 mm2 (20-12 AWG)
  • Fast, on-site wiring with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology: simple termination of solid conductors, fine-stranded conductors with ferrules or ultrasonically bonded conductors
  • With optional, automatic grounding contact to the mounding plate, the plate's varnish is instantly penetrated
  • Push-buttons for easy installation with an operating tool or by hand
  • Built-in test points simplify testing with 2 mm Ø test plug
  • Flexible marking option with standard marking (pre-marked), marking strip or custom marked for large orders

Terminal Blocks for Matrix Patching and Common Potential Terminal Blocks

WAGO's 727 Series Matrix Patching and Common Potential Terminal Blocks provide the perfect interface between control and field level and are ideal for matrix patchboards with one-way access.


  • Easy and clear matrix patchboard configuration: the field side mirrors the patch side
  • High connection density: numerous clamping points in the smallest space
  • Clear assignment: directly markable clamping units
  • Versions with or without locking clips for cable duct covers
  • Blue terminal blocks for Ex i applications
  • Easy testing through test slot for 2.3 mm (0.091 inch) Ø test plugs

Matrix Patchboards

Matrix patchboards offer high signal density with minimum space requirements. Clear arrangement and simple testing possibilities are essential.


  • Available with various numbers of poles; 32-, 48- and 80-pole versions, as well as 32-pole slimline version for 19 inch racks
  • Additional modules for direct connection to mounting frame
  • Integrated test sockets for each signal/potential
  • Individual group marking via WSB markers
  • Colored module assemblies marked at factory for a better overview
  • Blue matrix patchboards for Ex i applications

Shield Connection

WAGO’s shield connection system provides efficient EMC shielding. High-frequency interference currents are safely dissipated to ensure ideal EMC protection for machines and systems.


  • Shield clamping saddles, busbar carriers and a range of accessories available
  • Shield clamping saddles with a spring for excellent shield contact and performance
  • Various mounting options on busbars, mounting plates or specially slotted DIN-rails
  • Adjustable-height vertical or horizontal busbar carrier mounting allows complete installation flexibility