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Secure Networking with Cloud Connectivity

It’s all about data: In the past, technical data from the field made it through to the control levels at best – yet now things have changed. Thanks to modern information technology, the most important information from production is no longer restricted to the classical automation pyramid, but is now available at any time and place. However, the technical conditions must be right for this. The WAGO PFC Controllers and Control Panels are equipped with cloud connectivity and transfer data to the WAGO Cloud, or to any other MQTT broker.

The Benefits for You:

  • Direct connection from the field level up to the cloud
  • Expansion of existing systems with our PFC Controllers and control panels as an IoT gateway
  • Distributed data acquisition and visualization from anywhere
  • Connection to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud SAP Cloud or other MQTT brokers via standardized MQTT protocol
  • High level of security thanks to TLS encryption

Cloud Connectivity

Whether you use the WAGO controller as an edge device and pre-process the data – i.e., edge computing – or the controllers send the data directly – with WAGO controllers, the WAGO controllers always have you covered. Cloud connectivity lets you bring your “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT) project to life. Use MQTT with Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) for the local data exchange between the controllers and for the connection between the controllers and a SCADA system, a large variety of cloud providers, the WAGO Cloud or IoT solutions – whether in the cloud or “on-premises” (locally hosted). With the WAGO controllers’ large variety of interfaces, it’s easy to link even other manufacturers’ devices to the cloud by using the WAGO controllers as an IoT gateway.

Added Value for Your Company

Recording, digitizing and linking data profitably – this is the core concept behind Industry 4.0. As the interface between automation and information technology, cloud connectivity meets this challenge. Installed on the WAGO PFC Controllers, machine data can be transferred via MQTT to nearly any cloud, for example, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud and last but not least WAGO Cloud, where the information can be aggregated and used for analysis. This capability creates true added value for your company – whether for increasing the efficiency of in-house production, implementing energy management or developing additional end-customer services.

Full Control at All Times

The cloud connection data is configured individually via the Web-Based Management of the WAGO Controller. Furthermore, with the corresponding IEC library from e!COCKPIT, you determine what information should be transferred to the cloud and what information should be processed locally on the controllers exclusively. This allows you to maintain complete control of your data at all times. Controller information, such as run/stop, connection status and device information can also be transferred to a cloud solution with cloud connectivity or distributed via MQTT broker. Cloud connectivity is included by default with PFC Controller Firmware 11 and above, and the required library has been included in e!COCKPIT since Version 1.4.

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With the IoT Box, WAGO takes the first step and gives you a practical, easy-to-handle solution with tangible added value. The box is highly versatile and ideal for connection of machines, devices and buildings, as well as asset management. It is fully pre-assembled, housed in a solid enclosure and equipped with pioneering WAGO Automation Technology.

WAGO Cloud

WAGO Cloud gives you the option of collecting data from various machines and systems in a central location and analyzing it. Furthermore, you can manage and monitor all WAGO controllers, including your data and applications. With simple, user-friendly operation, the WAGO Cloud was developed so that people without extensive IT experience can use it.