The Newest Thing from WAGO!

WAGO’s new Compact Controller 100 maximizes engineering flexibility.

The new Compact Controller 100, with a real-time Linux® operating system, gives users maximum freedom. This compact device is freely programmable with CODESYS V3, but can also be used with IEC 61131-independent software, for example, Node-RED, Python or C++. Subsequent installation of Docker® as a virtualization environment is also straightforward. This addition makes the Compact Controller 100 a full-fledged IIoT device with gateway functionality. In this way, WAGO perfectly combines the requirements of two different domains into one device, bringing its expertise to bear where “automation meets IT.”

Another advantage of the Compact Controller 100: It is also mountable on small distribution boards due to its design as a DIN-rail, built-in installation device per DIN 43880. The I/O unit is housed in a compact enclosure along with the controller, so no additional space is required for extra control components. The wiring interface is removable, providing advantages for installation and commissioning.

Your Benefits:

  • Quick, easy, flexible engineering

  • Controller with a real-time Linux® operating system

  • Compact controller with I/Os in a DIN-rail-mount enclosure

Get your WAGO CC100 Starter kit now!

The perfect start into the WAGO PFC technology.

To get to know and test the WAGO Compact Controller 100 (Item no. 2849-1199/751-9301), WAGO now offers the WAGO Compact Controller 100 Starter Kit for £464.

Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux is available for users who prefer to use a lean, secure operating system directly. This real-time Linux® provides a wide range of advantages, including the flexibility of being able to adapt open-source code to your specific needs at any time. Furthermore, this robust operating system ensures a high level of stability and is subject to continuous optimization by the active open-source community. This keeps users both up to date and ready to adapt to what’s next – especially when it comes to security.

Engineering with CODESYS V3

The future of automation lies in strong partnerships and co-creation of products and solutions. That’s why WAGO offers the Compact Controller 100 with the manufacturer-independent CODESYS V3 automation software. It offers the functions and technologies used in modern automation today, has an active community that keeps it completely up to date and offers users many new options thanks to its manufacturer-independence and interoperability.

Compact Design

Thanks to its design as a DIN-rail built-in installation device (per DIN 43880), the new controller can also be mounted on small distribution boards. The I/O unit is housed in a compact enclosure along with the controller, so no additional space is required for extra control components. The removable wiring interface makes installation and device replacement easier.

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