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Riding the Waves under LED Light

With indoor surfing, an integrated fitness studio, regular sport events and a full range of services, the L&T Sporthaus in Osnabrück, Germany, makes sport a lively experience. The lighting concept itself plays a central role. Around 4500 LED lights, managed by WAGO's Controllers, create a wonderfully unique atmosphere at L&T.

Extending over five floors with more than 5,000 square meters of sales space, there is more to the L&T sports house than providing the right goods at the right time: experience shopping is the order of the day. The designers' ambitious goals are to draw sporting events into the facility and invite the public to spend their free time there. They are reaching out to customers using new, sustainable concepts.

The core of the new building, which connects directly to the L&T fashion house, is the wave pool, spanning 7.5 by 16 meters. An “endless wave” invites people to try indoor surfing. The entire sports complex is designed around this pool. A generous atrium offers an unimpeded view of the pool from all floors. There is a podium for presentations and performances in the lower level.

Innovative Lighting Concepts - Here's how WAGO supports you

  • PFC Controllers from WAGO implement the flexible lighting solution at L&T.

  • There are individually programmable lighting scenes for rooms and events.

  • Each light and its brightness can be controlled individually.

In order to adjust the lights to changing circumstances, and also to retain constant illumination levels throughout the year, we selected LED lights with DALI interfaces.

Lutz Brinkmann, Technical Manager at L&T

High Altitude Training in Osnabrück

Visitors, who want to participate, can meet in the integrated fitness studio, located on the second floor. Both casual and professional athletes can train on more than 800 square meters of the most modern equipment. In addition, the air pressure and oxygen content can be adjusted in the entire cardio and circuit training areas. This allows athletes to retain their fitness for high altitudes of up to 2500 meters, or to prepare for competitions in a targeted fashion.

The sports house naturally wants to sell its products. Men and women will each find an entire floor tailored to their interests with specific sports offerings. Areas for seasonal sports, sports shoes, street fashion, urban mobility and outdoor items fill out the portfolio of possibilities.

Products and Events Set the Scene

Lighting plays an essential role in the L&T concept. New research studies prove that light in the sales areas can positively influence the perception and comfort of customers. In the case of innovative lighting designs, like those implemented in the L&T sports house, the goal is to stage the products and events in a way that move beyond mere excellent lighting quality to scenarios that are diverse and inspiring. Customers should feel comfortable and enjoy lingering there.

VEDDER LICHTMANAGEMENT, a lighting firm from Munich, was responsible for the lighting design. In a facility that relies on experience shopping and events, one lighting scenario, that can only be switched on and off, is inadequate at best. To achieve optimal illumination in all areas of the facility, the lighting designers used around 4500 LED lights on the five floors – each individual light is precisely placed and separately controllable.

“In order to quickly adjust the lights to changing circumstances, and also to retain constant illumination levels throughout the year, we selected LED lights with DALI interfaces,” explains Lutz Brinkmann, Technical Manager at L&T. In addition to a basic level, which is activated in the mornings for the cleaning service, and which remains constant over the course of the day, lighting scenarios were programmed that are oriented toward the events.”

A series of higher-level lighting settings for fashion shows, basket ball tournaments, or presentations are available at the push of a button. In addition, there are lighting scenarios for the pool area, specifically for “the wave”, and for presentations in the sales areas.


Core of the L&T Sporthaus – the 7.5 by 16 meter wave pool. A generous atrium provides an unimpeded view from all floors.

Flexible Lighting Control

In preparation, the designers considered numerous questions about how to structure the controls and the programming. “The lighting control must function flexibly and be quickly adaptable to new circumstances,” explains Heiko Runge, Project Supervisor and Programmer at ebm elektro-bau-montage GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück. Each light is a data point that can be individually controlled, including the brightness levels. This is carried out through the building technology, via a touchscreen in the control center, or directly on the sales floor using a smartphone.

The lighting control must function flexibly and be quickly adaptable to new circumstances.

Heiko Runge, Project Supervisor and Programmer at ebm

The WAGO PFC200 Controllers form the core of the lighting control. All of the data for the individual lighting scenarios and all brightness values are stored in a MySQL database in the controller. This database solution offers several advantages to for Heiko Runge: All brightness changes are centrally managed and controlled. Changes at individual lighting elements or the DALI controllers are unnecessary. Lights can be individually assigned to different scenarios, even while the program is running. If a product or product grouping needs to be specially highlighted, then the lights over these items are set to 100 percent, those in the vicinity are dimmed, and the whole thing is stored as a lighting scenario.

In addition to the DALI lighting controls, other interfaces were also integrated into the WAGO automation system. For example, control of lighting for events in the pool is carried out over DMX; the KNX protocol is used for control functions in the technology and public areas and to link in the media technology. The data points are integrated into a higher-level BACnet building management system designed by Kieback & Peter.

Proven System

For continuous communication from the controller up to the lights, twelve PFC200 Controllers from WAGO, which are distributed across the facility, regulate devices at the field level. A maximum of 64 DALI lights can be controlled per DALI line. To maintain flexibility and expandability in the system, the designers included reserves: No distributor is linked to more than 50 lights.

To control the 4500 lights, ebm installed 1008 distribution boxes in the sports center, which are each controlled using a DALI Multi-Master Module (753-647) from WAGO. For safe connections from the control cabinet and distribution boxes, ebm relies on the WAGO WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System. Since the distributor boxes are integrated into the ceilings and are accessible only with great difficulty, ebm only considered proven systems in their designs.

As an artisan enterprise that implements large electrical engineering projects, we recognize the value of WAGO quality.

Andreas Ennen, CEO of ebm

In selecting the components for the DALI system, ebm placed importance on their compliance with the IEC 62386 DALI standard. This is the only way to guarantee interoperability of all DALI bus users. “As an artisan enterprise that implements large electrical engineering projects, we recognize the value of WAGO quality,” explains Andreas Ennen, CEO of ebm. “We have many positive experiences with this company's products. Whenever there is a specialized need, WAGO proves itself to be very flexible, addresses our expectations, and provides the support we need.”

Brinkmann also praises the flexibility of the lighting controls and the use of WINSTA®. “There are renovation actions in the planning stages, that we will undertake with the same partners and the same basic concepts.”

Text: Jörg Gruner | WAGO

Photo: Jens Sundheim | L&T

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