Economical Building Automation with BACnet

BACnet – for time-saving, cost-efficient and open building automation; WAGO's new BACnet/IP ECO Controller and BACnet/IP Coupler have an excellent price/performance ratio above all.

The Specialist for Applications with Few BACnet Objects: The BACnet/IP ECO Controller

There are always tasks in building automation where a small number of BACnet objects will suffice. This is the point where the 750-831/000-002 BACnet/IP ECO Controller – with a maximum number of 256 BACnet objects – is the right economical alternative. The advantage is obvious: Smaller control tasks in building automation can be implemented much more cost-effectively.

The economical size does not limit the equipment: the BACnet Controller can be freely programmed in IEC 61131-3 languages and offers a 2-port switch for ETHERNET line topologies, in addition to an SD card slot.

Your added value with WAGO:

  • Easily integrate sub-bus systems (e.g., DALI, LON®)
  • Efficiently implement control operations in HVAC systems

Technical Highlights of WAGO's BACnet/IP Controller:

  • Highest BACnet profile for automation stations: B-BC
  • Freely programmable
  • SD card slot and 2-port switch
  • Up to 256 BACnet objects

Efficient Data Collection: WAGO's BACnet/IP Coupler

WAGO's 750-330 BACnet/IP Coupler not only records remote I/O signals, but translates and forwards them. Above all, it can handle other BACnet functions such as timers, trend logs and alerts. This fieldbus coupler – equipped according to BACnet revision 12 – can also manage up to 256 BACnet objects. WAGO has made corresponding software tools available for simple configuration and fast commissioning.

Your added value with WAGO:

  • Record I/O signals locally
  • Automatic creation of BACnet object via the coupler
  • Time-saving and user-friendly commissioning using the BACnet Configurator and Web-Based Management

Technical Highlights of the BACnet/IP Coupler:

  • Records and provides I/O signals within BACnet networks
  • Scheduling, trending and alarming
  • Configurable via WAGO BACnet Configurator
  • Up to 256 BACnet objects

Easy and Efficient Room Automation: BACnet Solutions from WAGO

KNX and DALI are two typical representatives of communication protocols which are widely used in building control systems. These and other subsystems are simple to integrate on the BACnet ECO Controller, which then makes the data available to the building control system directly. This spares additional wiring effort. In this way, room automation can be implemented easily and efficiently. By mapping data onto the BACnet/IP, additional gateways can be eliminated, which simplifies the network structure and reduces costs. When combined with the impressive price/performance ratio of WAGO's BACnet solutions, these components quickly pay for themselves.

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