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News 19 March 2020
The New WAGO I/O System Field (IP67) for Future-Proof Automation of Modular Machines

Modern, decentralized production facilities require automation solutions that ensure the highest level of connectivity, while providing maximum performance outside of the control cabinet. WAGO developed its I/O System Field with IP67 protection to meet these needs today and tomorrow by being upgradable: “I/O System Field combines speed with ETHERNET-based fieldbuses (e.g., PROFINET), technologies such as OPC UA or Webserver and, in the future, MQTT as a communication protocol, for cloud connectivity,” says WAGO automation expert Ludwig Adelmann. Additionally, the system is ready for TSN, the key technology for end-to-end, flexible, powerful and secure networking.

Available: February 2020

The Benefits for You:

  • More ways to communicate for future-proof automation

  • Housing variants available for mobile applications too

  • Integrated load management for every I/O port

  • Bluetooth® for wireless communication on site

» It combines fast ETHERNET-based fieldbuses such as PROFINET, technologies such as OPC UA and Webserver and, in the future, MQTT as a protocol, e.g., for cloud connectivity. «

Author: Ludwig Adelmann, Product Manager at WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

A System for a Wide Range of Requirements

The I/O System Field supports all major ETHERNET, fieldbus and Industrial IoT standards. For superior flexibility, the IP67 system is available in a host of configurations to adapt perfectly to a particular application and machine. Regardless of variant, all have fully encapsulated metal housings for harsh environments, plus lightweight, non-molded, lightweight plastic housings for mobile applications. The system includes slim housing variants and lateral mounting options, using less space and providing additional protection options.

Optimize Resource Use and Know What’s Up

Integrated load management for each connection allows optimal utilization of available resources and fine-grained diagnostics for the connected sensors/actuators. This significantly simplifies project design and commissioning and expands the range of possible diagnostics. “This is a first in this device class. Complete transparency and monitoring on the I/O port opens up totally new possibilities, e.g. for predictive maintenance,” explains WAGO automation expert Helmut Börjes.


Helmut Börjes, Product Manager at WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Easy, Space-Saving Sensor Connection

The sensors and actuators are connected via globally available M8 and M12 cables. The I/O System Field is powered via an L-coded high-current M12 connector, which is smaller and cheaper than standard 7/8 inch or M23 solutions. Its design enables it to provide up to 16 A, allowing more power to be connected in less space.

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