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Engineering Tools

The right engineering environment can save money and time. WAGO offers here a wide range of products and the right tool for every application.

Your Benefits with WAGO Software:

  • Open to established standards and integration of all relevant fieldbuses
  • Comprehensive Software Solutions for Various Industries
  • Customized software for every automation task
  • Comprehensive import and export functions from established design tools
  • Plug-ins for Industry-Specific Development Environments
  • Easy and secure licensing


The WAGO Navigator: The Control Center for All WAGO Engineering Apps

Not only up-to-date, but also everything at a glance – with the WAGO Navigator, users can find everything important for WAGO's engineering apps in one place. Thanks to an update, the WAGO Navigator’s new appearance now features a user interface that serves as the starting point for use of all installed WAGO software programs.


CODESYS V3 is the manufacturer-independent software platform for project planning per IEC 61131-3. The development system combines classic control application programming with the possibilities offered by professional software development for automation devices in Industry 4.0 or IIoT environments.


WAGO's PC-based engineering software e!COCKPIT has been discontinued and will expire on March 31, 2025. To easily switch from e!COCKPIT to CODESYS, WAGO offers a migration guide, which you can find in the WAGO Download Center.

Experience Open Engineering with ctrlX OS

Flexibility and openness are the most important drivers in automation: WAGO therefore relies on strong partnerships – because developing qualified solutions in Industry 4.0 can only succeed together.


Application Parameterization

WAGO Analytics

When it comes to optimizing your own machines or systems, the challenge is usually to improve and quantify process knowledge and to transfer that back into the process. WAGO Analytics, the Minden-based company, supports users in data acquisition to analysis and provides intuitive visualizations of the dependencies in the systems.


WAGO Solution Builder

Engineering software tailored to building automation gives you an integrated, efficient way to create solutions throughout the entire life cycle of your building. You have the option of setting up all your projects on a Web interface.

Engineering Tools as a Success Factor

Manufacturing, process automation and building automation projects are demanding shorter and shorter implementation times and more complex structures, and software constitutes a greater and greater part of the overall solution. That makes automation engineering a key factor influencing your project's success.

Mobile Apps

Apps for Mobile Devices

Software on smart devices offers productivity advantages in an industrial environment as well. This integration enables users to quickly and easily operate and monitor automation processes via smartphone or tablet – from virtually anywhere.

Use WAGO’s WebVisu App to quickly and easily control and monitor your automation processes from your smartphone or tablet, stepping in only when intervention is necessary. Using the Energy Meter Configurator App, the energy meters can be configured easily in no time – without any programming. Or you can use the app for the WAGO I/O System: for maintenance, diagnostics, operation and monitoring for the WAGO I/O System Field in IP67.

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Compatible with Our Software Solutions

I/O Systems That are Ready to Use Anywhere

Whether inside or outside the control cabinet, WAGO’s I/O Systems provide automation right where you need it – even under harsh conditions.


Controllers for Cost-Effective Control

Control tasks large and small must be cost-effective. WAGO has the right PLC in its product line for every challenge and requirement.