News 1 September 2021
Cybersecurity Right in the Switch

Industrial Managed Switch with Built-in Encryption Feature

The Benefits for You

  • Increase network security without in-depth IT knowledge

  • Network diagnostics via Modbus® or SNMP

  • Potential-free communication with SFP modules

  • Industrial managed switches with hardware-level encryption (MAC Security)

  • Retrofit secure data transmission in existing networks

  • Authentication in the network

At a Glance

  • Real-time encryption (MACsec) at line speed through hardware-based “Media Access Control Security” encryption (IEEE 802.1 AE, MACsec)
  • Easy retrofitting/integration into existing applications (protocol-independent – Modbus TCP, BACnet®, PROFINET RT etc.)
  • Optional authentication of network subscribers (IEEE 802.1X and RADIUS) allows you to control access to the network.
  • Compact control cabinet dimensions (45 × 90 × 110 mm) save space and make use in existing systems easier.
  • Easy configuration and commissioning, even without specialists
  • Network segmentation with Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)
  • Especially high network redundancy and availability with “Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol” (RSTP)

Retrofit Security Easily

WAGO’s new industrial managed switches make it easy for users to increase the security of their building automation applications. This innovation integrates cybersecurity functions: 128-bit encryption of data packets on two ports. This makes it possible to retrofit secure data transmission in an existing network – regardless of the protocol and without changes in the application. The encryption meets the IEEE 802.1AE standard (IEEE MAC Security Standard), ensuring data integrity and sender authentication alongside high data throughput.

Take Advantage of the Flexibility of SFP Modules

The optional authentication of other network subscribers uses a port-specific approach in accordance with IEEE 802.1X and RADIUS Server. Due to their compact geometry (45 × 90 × 110 mm), the new 8-port gigabit switches can be easily retrofitted in control cabinets. With WAGO’s 852-1328 Industrial Managed Switch, SFP modules are used for secure communication. This also allows distant buildings to be linked into the network using optical fibers. Configuration and diagnostics of the industrial managed switches are also performed securely using a Web browser or SNMPv3.

Monitor and Configure Networks Intuitively

To ensure reliable, robust installation, high availability and high security, WAGO now offers lean managed switches. The new switches complement WAGO’s line of network infrastructure solutions with new functions, particularly for network diagnostics.

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I/O Systems

For the best automation in the control cabinet and outside: the flexible remote I/O systems in IP20 and IP67 for all applications and ambient conditions.