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A Building with a Heart and Mind

WAGO’s TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer an end-to-end rail-mount terminal block system that covers all your bases, from power supply to distribution. With their wide range of features, they are the ideal interface for safe, secure, state-of-the-art buildings. A perfect example: the Joachim Herz Foundation headquarters in Hamburg.

Back in 2015, an exciting new building was built in the Langenhorn district of Hamburg, which can accommodate up to 80 employees. It features an intricate floorplan surrounding a disused 25 m high coffee roasting tower. Old clay brick intermingles in a fascinating way with modern glass facades to produce an ensemble in which horizontal and vertical lines simultaneously harmonize and clash.

The exterior boasts an impressive combination of modernity and tradition, but the performance needed for the building automation required uncompromising quality on the inside. The WAGO I/O SYSTEM 750 is used on the controller level, and the planning office in charge, Petersen-Ingenieure from Flensburg in Schleswig-Holstein, decided to use the TOPJOB® S range of rail-mount terminal blocks. In particular, TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks were used for power distribution in switchgear construction. They not only meet standard DIN requirements on N-disconnection devices for public buildings; the ® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with N-disconnect slide links and internal N-disconnection are also designed for maximum safety and boast many functional advantages.

Pioneering Building Installation – Here’s How WAGO Supports You:

  • TOPJOB® S is the universal rail-mount terminal block system – from power supply to distribution.

  • Developed for maximum safety: TOPJOB® S with N-disconnect slide link and internal N-disconnection.

  • Well-organized documentation: Smart Printer prints marking strips with multiple lines.

One Interface, an Overview of Everything

TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer great added value thanks to their clear handling, which helped the switchgear manufacturer stay organized throughout every work phase: Installations can be customized with the desired number of different ground fault potentials and can also be converted and expanded easily. The clear transfer interface for pre-assembly or third-party fabrication prevents installation errors – switchgear manufacturers can easily check their work steps at any time.

In addition, the direct push-in connection technology for all cross-sections and the direct accessibility of all conductor entries, as well as the possibility of simultaneously wiring the potentials for each circuit on one terminal block, offer greater safety and flexibility for standards-compliant design of distribution boxes with N-disconnection. With the N-disconnect side link, WAGO provides a simple method for disconnecting the N potential for the annual insulation resistance measurements.

These tests are prescribed at regular intervals by DGUV (BGV A3) in publicly accessible buildings such as the Joachim Herz Foundation’s. Thanks to the slide link, the tester can measure each individual circuit separately after disconnecting the potential to meet the standard’s requirement of measurement without disconnection of conductors. The process of standards-compliant insulation resistance measurement is not only safe, but also fast, which saves money and can reduce the time required by up to 50 percent.


The headquarters of the Joachim Herz Foundation in Hamburg are located on the grounds of a former coffee roasting plant. The old roasting tower has been preserved and is surrounded by the new building. It provides the Foundation, which is dedicated to fostering young scientists, space for up to 80 employees.

Direct Pluggable Connection Saves Times

For the Joachim Herz Foundation’s new building, using TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks not only saved time, but also gave the designers more room to maneuver: In the installation rail-mount terminal blocks, two potential entries are arranged one above the other on two levels. This saves a tremendous amount of space compared to through terminal blocks, because the latter have to be arranged next to one another. WAGO angled the conductor entry for the rail-mount terminal blocks so no time-consuming “fiddling” would be necessary when performing the connection work in tight spaces. This allows a flatter positioning of the individual conductors – making the entire installation so compact that it easily fits into small distribution boxes with cover heights of 47 mm.

At the heart of the rail-mount terminal blocks lies Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology, a universal connection for all conductor types, whether or not they require preparation. Furthermore, solid and stranded conductors, as well as fine-stranded conductors with ferrules, are terminated by simply pushing them into the unit. This convenience dramatically streamlines on-site installations. These rail-mount terminal blocks are also part of a large, versatile product line. In addition to single-deck terminal blocks with a large cross-section range from 0.14 mm2 to 25 mm2 (24 … 4 AWG) and double- and triple-deck terminal blocks, function modules are also available for any type of application. These include: fuse, disconnect, test, electric motor wiring, diode and LED terminal blocks, as well as pluggable terminal blocks.


The planning office of Petersen-Ingenieure uses WAGO’s TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks for building installation.

A Fast Marking System for Better Organization

Apart from fast, safe installation, WAGO’s rail-mount terminal block also boasts a clearly organized structure and modularity for maximum clarity in the distribution cabinet. TOPJOB® streamlines labeling with a marking solution tailored to the rail-mount terminal block range – Smart Printer. Users can also use it to print multi-line TOPJOB® S marking strips for individual clamping unit labeling.

Text: Stephan Lampe, | WAGO

Digression: N-Disconnection in Building Distribution Cabinets

According to the DIN VDE 0100-718 installation regulation and VdS 2033 guidelines, this installation technology is required in “installations for gathering of people” – and thus mandatory for applications such as movie theaters, restaurants, schools, train stations and workplaces. WAGO’s TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with N-disconnection are ideal for this and are required for correct, professional insulation resistance measurement in order to detect far-reaching insulation faults at an early stage.

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