Developing Smart Buildings with WAGO

A smart building must have an explicit added value for the user.

Thomas Müller
– Deputy CEO of the VDMA Federal Association of Automation + Management for Houses + Buildings –

What is a Smart Building?

A “smart building” describes the automation and central operation of technical equipment in commercial buildings, like office buildings, airports, shopping malls, or manufacturing facilities. Both security and optimized energy efficiency are fundamental issues that smart buildings address. Current projects demonstrate that automation can reduce the energy consumption of an office building by up to one third.


What Does Smart Building Mean for WAGO?

The implementation of a smart building is demanding because it requires new methods and technologies, innovative networking and a modernized way of working together. In automation, the best solution is the one that is open and flexible. In planning and construction, communication is the alpha and omega. WAGO is an established partner ready to guide you through the world of digitization so that your building adapts to your needs – not the other way around.

What Makes a Building Smart?

What makes a building smart? What are the advantages of a smart building? How does WAGO help with the planning and implementation of smart buildings? And finally, what does the smart building of the future look like? Martin Hardenfels, Head of Project Sales at WAGO, explains what distinguishes a smart building and how WAGO can assist you with its realization.

Webinar: “Your Building on the Way to the Cloud”

The cloud can add significant value to operators and users of buildings by allowing them to access building data and cloud-based analytics from any location.
Our expert, Tobias Bräutigam, will show you how through various examples what is possible today and how to successfully master the first steps toward the cloud.

Methods and Technologies

Interdisciplinary cooperation and digitization open doors to the smart building. Find out what approaches you may use to achieve your goal and how each works.

How Does BIM Work?

With the 3D building planning, smart data is becoming ever more important: Planners and architects need highly accurate and organized information in order to work with BIM. Nicole Kreie, Head of Project Service International, explains what contribution WAGO can make to achieve the perfect 3D building.

“We Have to Prepare for Cybersecurity”

The integration of building automation and external communication increases the risk of data being lost or falling into the wrong hands. This is why Thomas Müller, Deputy CEO of the VDMA Federal Association of Automation + Management for Houses + Buildings, says it's vital to pay more attention to cybersecurity.

Added Value through Cooperation

Integrated and interdisciplinary automation planning is the key to sustainable buildings. Planning allows energy to be saved while increasing building occupants' performance and comfort. WAGO can support you with the integrated planning of automation projects. Christopher Thiele from WAGO's Project Sales Building Automation division explains how.


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Our international locations

Customer proximity is a top priority at WAGO. That's why our employees around the globe are there for you and are happy to advise you. Here you will find your contacts on every continent.

March 15, 2018

Information to Go

For anyone who would like tangible product information: All WAGO brochures, flyers and catalogs to download for reference.


“There’s No Easier Way to Implement Efficiency”

Energy management is still considered a complex topic, so companies hesitate to address it. However, in the opinion of Lukas Dökel, Global Key Account Manager of Current and Energy Measurement at WAGO, potential energy savings can be exploited quickly and easily.

Material Specifications and
Connection of
Aluminum Conductors

For our products, we use materials that have been proven in practice, some over centuries. Nonetheless, we constantly carry out further research and test new materials. This also applies to the contact paste that must be used to connect the aluminum conductors to WAGO spring clamps.

March 15, 2018

Guidelines and

WAGO products are developed, tested, produced and marked in accordance with the applicable standards and laws. In addition, they are subjected to numerous inspections and tests in the development process and ongoing production. Below we present some guidelines and regulations so that you, as our customer, will agree:
WAGO meets all standards.

March 15, 2018

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