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Smart Script – Practical Tip – Control Cabinet Manufacturing

14 September 2020
Smart Script – Reliable Time-Saving Marking for All Control Cabinet Components

A sophisticated marking system saves money!

Range, variety, flexibility: Making markers as durable as possible is a start, but control cabinet marking has long required much more than just that. In the course of Industry 4.0, complexity is increasing, as are the demands on software and hardware. Networking of machines and systems is constantly increasing, more and more components from different manufacturers are in use, and more information has to be accommodated in less installation space.

In the age of digitization, reliable, standardized marking can cost manufacturers a lot of time – and money! A 2017 study of the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) of the University of Stuttgart looked at these costs and investigated the potential for automation and digitization in control cabinet and switchgear manufacturing in conventional mechanical engineering. One of the results was that marking within control cabinets is the second biggest time factor, after wiring.

WAGO Has the Solution: Smart Script

Smart Script Marking Software

Therefore, it is all the more important to provide switchgear manufacturers with a system they can use to get the marking information onto the equipment easily, quickly, cost-effectively and without errors. From rail-mount terminal blocks, to cables, to type plates and individual devices: Smart Script marking software, which WAGO provides at no charge, allows easy, flexible, economical marking of all components. When it’s combined with WAGO’s affordable Smart Printer and optimized materials, nothing stands in the way of clear, visible, permanent marking for electrical equipment.

Top Benefits of Smart Script

  • Fast and easy use thanks to integrated printer driver and printer settings
  • A modern design and intuitive interface make getting started easy
  • A large selection of different marking accessories, including templates
  • Data interfaces and import functions for efficiently processing complex marking information


Update: Now with New Data Import Function!

1. Efficiency: Automated Processing, Directly from the Data Source

Just a few mouse clicks required, and the rest is fully automated: Smart Script and the right interface to the CAE system – via the WAGO EPLAN interface plug-in, for example – allow the marking data to be transferred directly to the Smart Printer.

2: Ease: Data Processing via Marking Export

Through a simple export function for marking data, Smart Script supports CAE systems that lack automated interfaces. Export formats like Excel, CSV or other text files can be used and processed at any time.

The Benefit for You: Flexible Data Import – the Direct Route to Your Goal, with No Unnecessary Detours!

  • Process the data easily with existing or user-defined templates and print it out quickly – no complicated steps required.
  • Data import for type plates: flexible custom variables for text fields or QR code generation, for example.
  • With its text checker function, Smart Script automatically adjusts the size of the text you enter to the available space.

Never Miss an Update Again Thanks to the New Integrated Online Update Function

The “Check for Update” button shows any available updates, including release notes

-> That way you can automatically install – or, alternatively, download – new Smart Script updates!

Data Import Example: TopJob® S Marking

Continuous Marking for TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks that Saves Time and Money

  • Sophisticated: Uniformly shaped, centrally positioned marking covers all terminal blocks and various terminal block widths.
  • Practical: The continuous marking strips can be affixed across the entire terminal strip without interruption in just one step.
  • Flexible: It’s easy to implement multi-line marking, e.g., for labeling equipment or group headings, and use symbols.

1. Install Smart Script, launch program and start data import. So easy!

2. Select template or create new (custom) template

3. Select headings (group names), e.g., for equipment identifiers

4. Select source file (Excel) and the desired fields or columns

5. Enter optional settings, check the preview and print with Smart Printer!

6. Once it’s printed, it’s very easy to insert the marking strip into the terminal strip – and you’re done!

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