The Future of Control Cabinet Manufacturing 4.0

WAGO supports you in taking your first steps – so you don’t have to face the challenges of the future alone.

Small Steps towards digitization

Automating Data Centers with WAGO

As an expert in the automation of data center infrastructure, TOBOL is making an essential contribution to this. For control cabinet manufacturing, the company relies on WAGO rail-mount terminal blocks and WAGO controllers.


Megawatt Solar Parks: WAGO Switches Help Keep Track of Data in the Control Cabinet

As a specialist for photovoltaic monitoring and control, Gantner Instruments is making a contribution to pioneering development of renewable energies. For the best possible network diagnostics, Gantner relies on WAGO switches in the control cabinet.


Gustav Hensel and WAGO: Realizing Digitization Together Step by Step

Gustav Hensel, a globally successful switchgear manufacturer, relies on a digitization strategy based on small but sustainable steps. And the gradual implementation of WAGO’s digital twin is an essential ingredient.

The Reality: Still Analog

What steps towards digitalization in switchgear construction must German companies take first? What do the corporate processes look like at the moment, and where is there still a need for optimization? In the interview, we pose these questions to Dr. Arno Kühn from the Frauenhofer Institute.


“New Work” in the Digital Age

In control cabinet manufacturing, the digital transformation is changing not only specific workflows, but also the way people work. The focus is shifting more and more to creative and flexible working methods. “New Work” is becoming the “new normal” in Minden as well.

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Automated DIN-Rail Mounting with Robots

Control cabinet manufacturing involves many time-consuming manual production steps. In a joint research project, WAGO and the Frauenhofer IPA investigated the possibility of automatically mounting rail-mount terminal blocks in control cabinets.


Solutions for Control Cabinet Manufacturing


Displays, HMI, Touch Panels


Relays and optocouplers

Distribution and Connection

Rail-mount terminal blocks, pluggable rail-mount terminal blocks, high-current terminal blocks


Printers, marking media, marking software


Stripping, crimping


Voltage testers, multitesters


Sensors for current and energy measurement technology

Power Supply and Overcurrent Protection

Power supply, UPS, ECB, electronic fuse

Conversion and Evaluation

Signal conditioners, power modules and isolating amplifiers

Control and Communication

Controllers, I/O modules and switches


Industrial Switches

SchaltschrankGESTALTER Initiative for Control Cabinet Designers

We Are Part of the SchaltschrankGESTALTER Initiative for Control Cabinet Designers

Designing Together Today – Remaining Future-Proof Together Tomorrow

Together with EPLAN, Phoenix Contact, Rittal and Siemens, we founded the SchaltschrankGESTALTER initiative for control cabinet designers with the motto “designing together today – remaining future-proof together tomorrow.” This initiative is a constantly expanding knowledge network for manufacturers and users to exchange ideas. In the form of a series of digital events, you can now access know-how from these experts about technologies, innovations, standards and best practices, all consolidated in one place. That way, you can stay up to date at all times and have fast access to knowledge relevant to your everyday work.

Your contact at WAGO for the SchaltschrankGESTALTER control cabinet designer initiative:

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Our Helpful Tips

Little Helpers for the Day-to-Day Business of Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Effective Compensation for Line Impedances

Single- and Multi-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs)

In systems or machines that power 24 VDC loads, circuit breakers protect against potentially dangerous overcurrents and short circuits. They ensure the integrity of the system and the safety of the connected components. Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs) from WAGO offer crucial advantages over conventional fuses:

  • Precise, fast response to overcurrents and short circuits
  • Reusability to reduce maintenance and spare parts costs
  • Remote control via digital input/output

Convenient Connection of Difficult-to-Bend Conductors

WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

In both building technology and industrial applications, supplying electrical power poses challenges for installers and control cabinet manufacturers, especially if the space for connecting the supply conductors in and around the control cabinet is limited. WAGO’s high-current rail-mount terminal blocks make power supply wiring convenient – even under harsh conditions.

Print Intelligently and Save Setup Time

Thermal Transfer Smart Printer

Correct marking in the control cabinet is important, first for error-free installation, and then for safe operation and maintenance. Marking is also a significant time factor for switchgear manufacturers.

End-to-End Digitization of Engineering Processes

CAE Interfaces

In an age of accelerating digitization, control cabinet designers need to have the right product data available for digital engineering right when they need it so they can implement their projects quickly and easily. CAE interfaces make that possible.

Integrating a Future-Proof Charging Infrastructure for E-Mobility

With WAGO Energy Data Management and Load Management

In response to rising energy costs, e-mobility is shifting into high gear – and that’s true at our company as well. Our modular energy data and load management helps you avoid overloads, make optimal use the grid connection and reduce your operating costs over the long term.

Safe Connections in Explosive Atmospheres

WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks and Connectors

Explosion protection is one of the most important safety issues for system designers in the extractive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our rail-mount terminal blocks and splicing connectors reduce potential hazards in Ex areas – providing safe connections in explosive atmospheres.

Fast, Targeted Processing of Machine Data

WAGO Edge Computer and PFC200

With the WAGO Edge Computer, we offer a powerful solution that conserves resources and brings cloud functionality into the control cabinet for fast, targeted machine data processing.

Switching High Current Loads with Safety and Clear Organization

WAGO Relays and Optocouplers in Control Cabinets

WAGO’s relay and optocoupler modules ensure safe, error-free connection of high current loads in the control cabinet – protecting control electronics and users alike.

Expand Potential and Save Space

The WAGO Continuous Jumper

The WAGO continuous jumper efficiently handles complex connection tasks requiring potential expansion in the signal connection or control cabinet and saves space in the process.

Communication Pros for Sustainable Time Savings and Cost Cutting

WAGO Energy Meters (MID) for Control Cabinets

Whether current, voltage or power: Energy meters in switchgear reliably measure your energy consumption, optimize it continuously and also save installation time.

Flexible and Reliable Processing of Process Data

The WAGO I/O System 750 as an Interface Master

Record process data from production systems in almost any format, digitize it and network it worldwide.

WAGO Lean Managed Switches

Easy Network Diagnostics in the Control Cabinet

You benefit from increased availability and security on your network.

WAGO Smart Script Marking Software – Reliable Marking in Less Time

A sophisticated marking system saves money!

In the age of digitization, reliable, standardized marking can save time – and money!

Less Time, Less Exertion, Higher Performance for Control Cabinet Manufacturing

How can professional tools streamline control cabinet manufacturing processes?

The fact that over 70 % of the installation work is manual makes optimization of mechanical component placement and wiring all the more important.

WAGO Smart Designer Configurator

How can a configurator make control cabinet manufacturing more efficient?

It provides optimal support for digital planning and design while simplifying component ordering for production.

MM-15813_Tipp_2_ new_website_page_KMS_Andre_van_Ruiten_03_Störer_2000x1125.jpg

Maximize Control Cabinet Efficiency

Current challenges require innovative developments.

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply makes the control cabinet more efficient while providing valuable data for predictive maintenance.

Our Solutions for Your Workflows

Would you like an overview of our products and solutions? Then don’t delay – click through the individual phases:


Order Processing – Simple and Transparent


Engineering – Reliable and Integrated


Procurement and Production Engineering – Simple and Clearly Organized


Mechanical Processing – with Less Time and Energy


Component Marking – Fast and Precise


Component Assembly – Rapid and Error-Free


Assembling, Marking and Wiring – Establish Connections Quickly


Installation and Testing – Safe and Easy


Commissioning – Implement Projects Successfully


Operation, Maintenance and Service – Comprehensive Networking

Why You Should Choose WAGO for Control Cabinet Manufacturing

As a control cabinet manufacturer, you face the challenge of constantly optimizing your processes – while taking the increasing demands on networked and integrated systems into account. How competitive and economical you remain is ultimately determined by your level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

We offer you efficient, sophisticated products and solutions, such as power supplies, PLCs, rail-mount terminals blocks and many more that support all your work processes, from planning and project design, to testing and commissioning.

Inspiration for You

Insight, background and know-how:

WAGO helps you explore topics related to control cabinet manufacturing from multiple angles.

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Helpful Tip, Manual Vol. 3: Step-by-Step Instructions for Your Control Cabinet Products

Our new guide offers many helpful little tips to support the day-to-day business of control cabinet manufacturing. Here you can learn about topics like: how to digitize your engineering processes with CAE interfaces and ensure data continuity, how to save valuable time when switching marking media by using two Smart Printers, or how to reliably protect your control cabinet with our electronic circuit breakers.