Simple, Reliable, Integrated Engineering

Save time and money: To make your planning as smooth as possible from start to finish, WAGO offers you all the data, software tools and interfaces you’ll need for every step of the way.

With its interfaces to various CAE tools (e.g., EPLAN, WSCAD and Zuken), our Smart Designer configurator enables simple, reliable, integrated engineering:

  • Web-based configuration: Access to project data at any time and from anywhere in the world – no installation required
  • Realistic project planning: 3D visualization of your product configurations
  • Automated completion: Import rail configurations from various CAE tools with a subsequent plausibility check and suggestions for complementary products
  • Integrated rail planning: Integrated planning of the rail marking in Smart Designer

Marking for a Streamlined Control Cabinet Overview

Minimize time and errors with our comprehensive control cabinet marking options:

  • Assisted automated planning of control cabinet marking with Smart Script marking software
  • Easy reuse of the control cabinet marking from the CAE planning: Prepare printing data directly in the CAE tool; export data via a digital interface and prepare it for subsequent printing

Data for Digital Engineering

For a rapid, straightforward design process using our products, we provide the data in all standard engineering systems and exchange formats:

  • Standardized data provision: We support your digital business processes with technical and commercial product data.
  • WAGO uses ECLASS as the foundation for its digital twins / on the basis of data standards such as ECLASS (Basic/Advanced) or ETIM

CAE and CAD data

In addition, we also provide you with customized engineering data and an ever-growing number of digital twins:

  • CAE data (EPLAN, WSCAD and Zuken): Digital twins based on the specific manufacturer format, such as the EPLAN Data STANDARD or the Zuken E3 Premium Certificate.
  • A large selection of CAD data: More than 60 data formats in 2D and 3D, either high or low quality, available in the WAGO Part Community

Advance Planning for Building Applications Made Easy

Product Finder for Distribution Boards in Buildings

WAGO’s new free product finger for multilevel installation terminal blocks lets you define parameters with just a few mouse clicks and then gives you a convenient automatic pre-selection of suitable terminal blocks for your building’s distribution board. Transferring completed configurations to WAGO’s Smart Designer configurator via the interface is very simple. This makes it easy to plan a building’s distribution board and tailor it to the specific application.

WAGO in Application

“With Smart Designer,
I can assemble interface module assemblies and I/O modules
in just a few clicks.
The online tool provides updated data at any time.”

Michael Burmester
Head of Process and Product Data Management at WAGO


Discover the Next Process Phases

Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Get it done faster at every stage: The competitiveness of a control cabinet manufacturer is ultimately determined by its level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of its manufacturing processes. WAGO offers innovative solutions with real added value.

Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Process Phase 3: Procurement and Production Engineering

Fast, cost-effective and easy to use: With perfectly attuned hardware and software, WAGO offers you high-performance, highly customizable marking solutions.

Process Phase 2