Our Solutions for Optimized Processes

Cloud solutions link the real and digital worlds and allow the efficient use of production-related data. Simplify cross-site networking of global communication structures within your company.

Our simple, user-friendly cloud solution lets you collect and analyze the data of various machines from a central location.

  • Every WAGO controller can be connected to the cloud, enabling easy communication.
  • You can change parameters in the application and access the controller’s WBM by remote access.
  • Via the cloud, you can also visualize machine data and set alarm rules (including mobile phone notification in the event of malfunctions or failures)
  • Cloud connectivity is integrated into the PFC Controllers and Control Panels; data is transmitted to WAGO Cloud (or to any other MQTT broker).

With the WAGO SOLUTIONS business unit, we offer you individual solutions tailored to your needs and requirements, which save resources, time and money.


WAGO will be there for you

Expert support is there for your control cabinet planning, assembly, commissioning and beyond.

WAGO is your partner and is ready with hardware and software, decades of experience, an innovative spirit and genuine interest – because we love to help. We are prepared to support you in the digital transformation of your production processes, the development of customer solutions or the automation of processes and buildings.

Ask us: We’ll be there for you.

The Cloud for Infinite Possibilities

In times of digitization, control cabinets must also meet the requirements of the Internet of Things. The WAGO Cloud and IoT controllers make secure operation and connection of the real and digital worlds possible.

And thanks to the Web portal, you have a overview of and a handle on everything: from controller management, to energy monitoring, to predictive maintenance applications.


Reliable Operation at a Glance

Visualize the right data at the right time and place – and make it easier for the people responsible to decide and evaluate the current situation.

The high-performance WAGO Touch Panels 600 give you all the options: The panels were developed for challenging visualization and control tasks and allow fast, intuitive operation via a convenient user interface.


Use e!COCKPIT for Faster Automation

Automation can be so easy when the right software is used. WAGO supports you with the e!COCKPIT Engineering Software: from hardware configuration, programming, simulation and visualization to commissioning.

Drag & drop, copy & paste, graphical network topology: Even configuration and parameterization are convenient, because they are intuitive. During programming, the supported programming languages can be combined, and the programs created can be debugged through simulation.


WAGO in Application

“In many companies, distrust of excessive networking is widespread. The skepticism is, however, often greater than the actual risks.”

Bernd Steinkühler
Director, Correct Power Institute

Discover the Next Process Phases

Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Get it done faster at every stage: The competitiveness of a control cabinet manufacturer is ultimately determined by its level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of its manufacturing processes. WAGO offers innovative solutions with real added value.

Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Process Phase 1: Order Processing

Our digital ordering process makes your ordering processing simple and transparent.

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