High-Quality Functional Tools

We offer high-quality, functional tools for optimizing workflows in mechanical processing – to increase performance in control cabinet manufacturing and reduce the time and energy required:


Our tools to improve performance in control cabinet manufacturing and reduce the time and energy required:

  • Stripping cables and conductors: e.g., stripping pliers for control and sensor cables, cable knives or universal strippers
  • Stripping conductors (e.g., stripping pliers)
  • Crimping (e.g., Variocrimp 4 and 16)
  • Standards-compliant test probes for current and voltage measurements up to 10 A without adapters
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Helpful Tip – Control Cabinet Manufacturing

How can professional tools streamline control cabinet manufacturing processes? Learn more in our helpful tip on control cabinet manufacturing

Less Time, Less Exertion, Higher Performance for Control Cabinet Manufacturing

The fact that over 70 % of the installation work is manual makes optimization of mechanical component placement and wiring all the more important.

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Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Get it done faster at every stage: The competitiveness of a control cabinet manufacturer is ultimately determined by its level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of its manufacturing processes. WAGO offers innovative solutions with real added value.

Control Cabinet Manufacturing

Process Phase 5: Component Marking

Fast, cost-effective and easy to use: With perfectly attuned hardware and software, WAGO offers you high-performance, highly customizable marking solutions.