Perfectly Coordinated Hardware and Software Solutions

75 percent procurement costs, up to 75 time savings: The WAGO marking system allows you to mark all planned items directly from the project design tool. Minimize time and errors with automatic transfer of printing data from the CAE tool!

Marking for a Streamlined Control Cabinet Overview

With perfectly coordinated hardware and software, WAGO offers you powerful tailored solutions to save more time and prevent errors in control cabinet marking:

  • Direct printing of markings from the EPLAN, WSCAD and ZUKEN CAE systems through the interface to WAGO’s Smart Script marking software; optional data transfer from other CAE systems via data import
  • Print durable, order-specific, smudge- and scratch-resistant markings with WAGO’s thermal transfer Smart Printer.
  • Complete control cabinet marking with WAGO: Multiline printable marking strips in particular in particular provide clearer organization in the control cabinet.

Perfect Marking at the Press of a Button

It’s just that easy: You have the circuit diagram in your CAE system, and with one click, the correct printing data is sent through the interface directly to the WAGO smartPRINTER.

What this means for you: Maximum time savings thanks to automatic data transfer, which also minimizes error rates. The result is perfect control cabinet marking with maximum clarity.


Professional and Standards-Compliant: smartPRINTER

The smartPRINTER is WAGO’s thermal transfer printer, which you can use for printing marking strips, plates and labels for all WAGO terminal blocks, as well as for marking conductors, cables and devices.

The printing capacity and product features speak for themselves:

  • Low purchase costs
  • Easy installation
  • Highly versatile
  • No drying time – can be used immediately
  • Durable processing, smear and scratch-resistant

WAGO Smart Script Marking Software

The perfect marking software for creating and printing custom marking solutions!
WAGO’s Smart Printer thermal transfer printer in combination with the marking software forms an efficient, cost-effective solution for marking individual components such as terminal blocks, labels, type plates and conductor markers, as well as entire distribution boxes and control cabinets.

Clear Labeling, No Searching

Thanks to smartPRINTER, control cabinet marking is always easy and safe. This pays off twice during wiring.


  • Quick, easy, simple wiring thanks to the combination of clear marking and wiring diagrams.
  • The control cabinet remains uncluttered after wiring and during operation – all markings are smear-resistant and permanently legible.

WAGO in Application

“We do the marking ourselves, which saves us time that's better spent on purchasing and delivery.” Ingenious!“

Thomas Kaifer

Technical Director at Janzhoff


Control Cabinet Manufacturing at Ford Using WAGO Terminal Blocks

Henry Ford was, without a doubt, one of the most important pioneers in automobile production and left his mark on the industry like no one else, through the introduction of assembly line production. The aspiration to always improve processes remains in the company’s DNA up to this day. During a recent factory-wide vacation, the press line at the production facility in Cologne, where chassis parts for the Ford Fiesta are fabricated, was rebuilt and optimized. And a seemingly small element played a major role in this process: a WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Block.


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Control Cabinet Manufacturing

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WAGO provides you with custom rail assemblies or individual products – avoid order spikes while reducing storage and assembly costs with delivery within just a few business days.

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