Reduce Storage and Installation Costs

You can rely on custom rail assemblies with a batch size of 1 that meet your requirements exactly – and reduce your time and effort by up to 92 percent.*

*Source: 2017, Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW), University of Stuttgart

WAGO Smart Designer Configurator

To minimize the amount of work and the error rate in component assembly, you can use our online configurator, WAGO Smart Designer, to implement the configuration and ordering of fully assembled terminal strips and create digital manufacturing documents.

  • Export PDFs of parts lists and assembly diagrams from Smart Designer to create manufacturing documents
  • Made-to-order production: We deliver your configured rails completely assembled, including the markings, in just five days (subject to stock availability)

More Capacity on Demand

To avoid order spikes or reduce storage and assembly costs, you can have WAGO produce fully assembled rails – even with a batch size of 1. Just start Smart Designer and get to it: Plan, configure and order. And during this process, the entire WAGO product range is available to you – from rail-mount terminal blocks, to power supplies, to controllers, all delivered within a few business days.


Maximize Space in the Control Cabinet

One of the biggest challenges in control cabinet manufacturing is accommodating more and more functions in less and less space. WAGO accepts the challenge and develops products that account for this, such as electronic circuit breakers in true 6 mm housings. They provide more space in the control cabinet and reliable protection against overload and short circuit.


Connect with Profitability

With Smart Designer, WAGO offers data consistency that pays off even after planning and design, in the wiring phase as well. Circuit diagrams, assembly plans and markings always come from one tool and one file.

And that has clear advantages:

  • Displays – whether on a monitor or tablet – replace printouts in production.
  • Everyone involved works from a file that is always updated to avoid errors and duplicated work.
  • The individual assignment of rights ensures that everyone only sees what is relevant to him or her.
  • Single point of proof: The file only can – and only needs to – be updated at one location.
  • Central data storage saves time wasted on comparing working documents.

WAGO in Application

“By purchasing custom rail assemblies from WAGO, we save time and warehousing costs.”

Jörg Schmiemann
Design Manager at 2G Energy AG


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Control Cabinet Manufacturing

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