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CAE and CAD Data - Classification

WAGO supports your digital business processes with technical and commercial article data that is machine-readable and system-compatible. Standards such as eCl@ss (Basic/Advanced) or ETIM are the basis.

Standardized data provision according to eCl@ss and ETIM

Your benefits:

  • Use of the same product and catalog database by trade and distribution
  • Establishing efficient value chains between manufacturers and customers
  • Customer loyalty through better coordination and orientation towards electronic processes (e.g. eCl@ss Advanced for CAE or CAD product data)


Learn More about eCl@ss and ETIM


  • Industry-wide product data standard for the classification and description of products
  • Objective: To facilitate e-commerce of classified products

ETIM (Electro-Technical Information Model)

  • Standardized exchange format of product data between suppliers and customers in the electrical engineering industry
  • Primarily designed to improve e-commerce for these products

WAGO Smart Data

WAGO provides you with all the data, software tools and interfaces you need for your processes – from electrical and mechanical planning, to ordering and production of configured products, to individual products.


WAGO Smart Designer Configurator

The basis of any switchgear unit is individualized electrical planning. WAGO consistently offers you all the data, software tools and interfaces – from electrical and mechanical planning to ordering.

With WAGO Smart Designer, the configurator for WAGO’s electrical connection and automation technology products, we offer project access anytime and from anywhere in the world – no installation necessary.

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Planning with CAE Software

Use your familiar CAE tool for planning circuit diagrams. WAGO offers you high-quality CAE product data and CAE macros. Interfaces to several CAE tools (e.g., ePLAN or WS CAD) allow planned terminal strips to be created automatically in the Smart Designer configurator.