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WAGO Configurator Smart Designer

The planning process for electrical switchgear units is becoming more and more digitized and automated in order to make the engineering process as efficient as possible. The basis for this digitization is the digital twin of the switchgear unit. Smart Designer supports you in designing your circuit configuration online as quickly and easily as possible according to your needs. In particular, it offers the following functions:

  • Data interfaces to CAE tools (e.g., EPLAN, WSCAD, ZUKEN E³, Strieplan)
  • Configuration wizards
  • Data export to WAGO Smart Script marking software for printing the marking
  • Worker assistance view as an assembly aid
  • PDF documentation for customers
  • Configuration ordering (through wholesaler or directly from WAGO)

Digital Engineering for Greater Efficiency



WAGO offers a large number of CAD formats for design configuration. Use your usual CAD tool to import your configuration from the WAGO Configurator Smart Designer.



Save time and avoid errors when creating control cabinet documentation – automatically from Smart Designer. You benefit from all the relevant product and process data necessary for standards-compliant documentation.



Marking control cabinets is easy with the WAGO Thermal Transfer Smart Printer. You have the option of printing markings from a wide variety of systems according to your workflow.



Get custom rail assemblies or individual products – WAGO delivers the selected components as requested.



Whether it's a plausibility check for terminal block assemblies or control cabinet documentation: The WAGO Configurator Smart Designer supports you in creating customized products.



Use your usual CAE tool for electrical planning: WAGO offers interfaces to various CAE tools (e.g., EPLAN, E3, WS CAD and Engineering Base)


Drag & Drop

  • Simply drag and drop terminal blocks onto the rail
  • Quickly change terminal block order
  • Automatic assembly after placement

Crop Mark Export to Smart Script

  • Calculate marking strip length from the terminal block configuration
  • Transfer crop marks to Smart Script during marking export

Excel Import and Export

  • Easy configuration from Excel item lists
  • CSV export of item lists for flexible reuse

Wizard for WAGO Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

  • Easy configuration of busbar terminal blocks
  • Property-based configuration of the complete terminal block assembly
  • Automatic setup using Smart Designer
  • Automatic price calculation (activation required)

Accessories Selection

  • New placement in the right sidebar
  • Improved project planning overview
  • New item selection possible during accessory selection
  • “Top hit” display as most used accessories


Free or Wizard-Guided Product Configuration

Smart Designer offers various configuration methods depending on what you need:

  • Import from CAE tools
  • Integrated configuration wizards
  • Project templates
  • Free configuration

Product Configuration through CAE Imports

If you use a CAE tool in the engineering phase at the start of your circuit planning process, you can easily transfer the planning to our Smart Designer via our import interfaces. There you can continue to design the marking and accessories and transfer the results back to the CAE environment.
The following CAE tools are supported:
  • Zuken E³
  • StriePlan (version 5.0 and above)

Marking: from Configuration to Printing

Terminal block marking is an installer’s signature.

With our three-line marking strips for the TOPJOB® S portfolio, we offer terrific options for clear, structured printing on the connection poles of the terminal strips. After visual configuration in Smart Designer, the data can be exported easily to our Smart Script marking software and then printed on the WAGO Thermal Transfer Smart Printer – and the entire process is implemented digitally.

Ordering Custom Configurations – Individual Terminal Blocks or an Assembled Product

Once you complete the configuration, we offer you two alternatives for order processing:

  1. Wholesale ordering via Elbridge 2.0 (individual items only): easy transfer of items from the configuration to your wholesaler’s online shopping cart
  2. Ordering rails from WAGO
    - Fully assembled and marked or
    - Pre-commissioned for you to assemble yourself

Complete Data Export for Further Engineering and Documentation

After configuration, your order processing is not yet complete. Therefore, we also provide all the configuration data in a complete data packet afterwards:

  • CAE, CAD
  • Product data sheets
  • Certificates

Your benefit: You can use these for your customer’s documentation, as well as for the subsequent CAD design of the complete product

Shop Floor Support in Analog or Digital Form

In production, the aim is to make the planned product a reality as quickly and reliably as possible. We offer two alternatives for this:

  1. PDF documentation in the form of assembly instructions to accompany the production order
  2. A worker assistance view in Smart Designer for paperless documentation with versioning that is always up-to-date

We’ll also be happy to support you in developing the solution that’s right for you!

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