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WAGO Smart Designer Configurator

The basis of any switchgear unit is customized electrical planning. WAGO consistently offers you all the data, software tools and interfaces – from electrical and mechanical planning, to ordering.

With the Smart Designer online configurator, the software for WAGO’s electrical connection and automation technology products, we offer access to projects at any time and from anywhere in the world – no installation necessary.

  • Interfaces to several CAE tools (e.g., ePLAN or WSCAD) allow planned terminal strips to be created automatically in the Smart Designer configurator
  • Realistic planning of WAGO products in 3D
  • Always available, always up-to-date: access to projects at any time and from anywhere in the world – no installation necessary
  • Plausibility check helps prevent planning errors

Digital Engineering for Greater Efficiency



WAGO offers a large number of CAD formats for design configuration. Use your preferred CAD tool to import your configuration from the WAGO Smart Designer configurator.



Save time and avoid errors when creating control cabinet documentation – automatically from Smart Designer. You benefit from all the relevant product and process data necessary for standards-compliant documentation.



Marking control cabinets is easy with the WAGO’s thermal transfer Smart Printer. Depending on how you work, you have the option of printing markings from a large variety of systems.



Get custom rail assemblies or individual products – WAGO provides the selected components as needed.



Whether for a plausibility check for terminal block assemblies or control cabinet documentation: The WAGO Smart Designer configurator supports you in creating customized products.



Use your preferred CAE tool for electrical planning – WAGO offers interfaces to various CAE tools (e.g., EPLAN, E3, WS CAD and Engineering Base).


New Marking Wizard in Smart Designer

The new wizard function in our WAGO Configurator Smart Designer greatly simplifies marking configuration. Moving this function to the right sidebar makes configuration much more transparent for the customer because the configuration area remains visible. Furthermore, prior accessories selection is eliminated because the media is selected automatically, saving valuable time for the customer. Added benefit: Automated numbering now recognizes N and PE terminal blocks and counts them up.

Compact Data Download: All Item Data in One Place

WAGO’s Smart Designer configurator offers a practical new function: With it, you can now directly download all the item data required for your configuration with just a few mouse clicks. This quick and easy function provides the complete data package for your further engineering process.

Here’s how it works:

  • In Smart Designer, click “Download Complete Data Package” (Import/Export).
  • Select the desired format (CAD/CAE).
  • The required data is combined into a ZIP file in the background, and you receive a download link by email.

Mini Terminal Block Configurator

A new feature is now available in our Smart Designer configurator for quickly creating the busbar terminal block you need from our wide range of offerings for Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks. Just select the desired parameters for the application – such as the rating data, actuation type, number of pins, colors and accessories – and Smart Designer provides the right busbar terminal block.

Order Configurable Terminal Block Assemblies Directly from Your Wholesaler with Just One Click

The ELBRIDGE Interface is a standard developed by ETIM Germany for connecting wholesale shops to the industry's product configurators. Its big advantage is technically simplifying the ordering process. With the new version of the ELBRIDGE Interface 2.0, you start the process directly in the Smart Designer. After completing the configuration, you transfer the parts list to the wholesaler shop with just one click.

Here's how it works:

  • Configure the terminal block assembly in Smart Designer.
  • Click “Transfer to Wholesaler.”
  • Select your favorite wholesaler.
  • Sign in with the wholesale customer account.
  • Process the order via the wholesale online shop and order the items.

Realistic Project Planning with Smart Designer

Familiar Planning in the CAE Tool

Use your familiar CAE tool for planning circuit diagrams. WAGO offers you high-quality CAE product data and CAE macros. Interfaces to several CAE tools (e.g., ePLAN or WSCAD) allow planned terminal strips to be created automatically in the Smart Designer configurator.

  • Interfaces to various systems
  • Instead of entering item numbers, use the bidirectional EPLAN interface to plan faster with function definitions
  • Pass the circuit diagrams to Smart Designer, construct terminal strips automatically and save a great deal of time
  • Plausibility checks help you avoid errors in your planning
  • Automatic transfer of the printing data from the CAE tool to the thermal transfer Smart Printer minimizes time and errors

Configure Individual Products

  • Always available, always up-to-date: The Smart Designer online configurator offers access to projects at any time and from anywhere in the world – no installation necessary
  • Easy cooperation on a configuration project, even at different development sites
  • Save time and avoid errors with location-independent project processing, without different processing statuses, data exchange via email etc.
  • Get your bearings quickly and save time with a selection of pre-defined standard views
  • Item numbers are always up-to-date
  • Plausibility checks prevent planning errors
  • Insert user-specific products as placeholders

Benefits of the Software


Export parts lists and assembly diagrams directly from the WAGO Smart Designer configurator to create production documents or support ordering.
You benefit from the automatic import of item numbers for individual components into your ERP system and from complete, standards-compliant PDF documentation (e.g., per FSF standard for track and rail vehicles).


Marking control cabinets is easy with the WAGO thermal transfer Smart Printer: Depending on how you work, you have the option of printing markings from a large variety of systems (with a standard CAE tool, WAGO's Smart Designer Configurator and Smart Script Marking Software).

You also benefit from a printer with a low purchase price that is universally suitable for marking everything in the control cabinet.


CAD Design

Use your usual CAD tool to import your configuration from Smart Designer. This is possible without exception thanks to the availability of various CAD formats (neutral and native 2D/3D CAD formats).

Technical and commercial item information is available to you in the form of high-quality data.

You determine the product data granularity yourself.

WAGO at Work

Smart Designer

Use our free 3D online configuration tool.


Recommended Reading

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We provide high-quality CAD data for our products in 2D and 3D formats for free download. After a one-time registration, there are no limits on downloads.


CAE Software

WAGO provides CAE product data and macros at no cost. Completed products can be transferred to Smart Designer – WAGO's free 3D configurator.


WAGO Smart Data

WAGO provides you with all the data, software tools and interfaces you need for your processes – from electrical and mechanical planning, to ordering and production of configured products, to individual products.


Data for Digital Engineering

Our product data is available in all standard engineering systems and exchange formats, allowing you to quickly and easily complete your WAGO-based product design.

Are you looking for the data for a special product? You can find them directly on the product detail page in the download area.

WAGO CAD Product Data

An extensive product portfolio of individual WAGO items is available for download at wago.partcommunity.com. CAD product data can be transferred from here quickly and easily to customers’ designs. Whether 2D or 3D data in a neutral CAD format or in the user’s CAD system format, the online portal provides data that fulfills these requirements. In addition to geometry data, technical and commercial item data is also transferred to the CAD target system, or to the PLM/ERP software used in addition.