WAGO 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector

Interconnection Technology for Device Manufacturers

Now the WAGO 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connectors also score with device manufacturers. This applies equally to both internal wiring and device connection. They promise to increase user product acceptance for electrical device manufacturers – and do so worldwide.

At a Glance:

  • Easy to use: Pull the lever up, insert a conductor and push the lever back down
  • Available in 2-, 3- and 5-wire connectors
  • Universal and flexible spring pressure connection technology
  • National, marine and UL approvals

Design Advantages

In classic building electrical installation, the WAGO 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector exemplifies fast, simple and reliable wiring. It's as easy as lever up, insert conductor, lever down This connector is as well known as it is popular among electrical installers. Now more and more product managers, designers and developers are also discovering the advantages of this connector with a lever – from component manufacture, through equipment production and device connection, all the way to end product.

With the WAGO 221, manufacturers of electrical devices – the OEMs – can rely on a universal and versatile spring connection technology, because these splicing connectors connect all conductor types from 0.14 to 6 mm2 (28–10 AWG) simply, quickly and reliably, with no prior conductor handling. This brings time – and therefore cost – benefits compared to screw technology or soldering: just lever up, insert conductor, lever down The convenience of toolless conductor connection makes on-site wiring and device connection a breeze for installers. This results in user-friendliness that can be decisive for sales of the entire product.


International Approvals Open a Wide Range of Applications Worldwide

The 221 Series carries country-specific approvals (e.g., UL approvals, etc.), marine approvals and many others, to open multifaceted application areas. Components and devices integrating the 221 Series can also be used around the world. WAGO is always happy to advise manufacturers in implementation and feasibility analyses for the respective application.

221 Series Splicing Connectors in Application

The New Cooker Connection Box from Merten – an innovative product empowered by WAGO!

The Merten Cooker Connection Box – You will find them in almost every kitchen and it is essential for safely connecting ovens and stoves. Up to now, installing these appliances with screw-clamp terminal blocks has required a lot of skill by the installer, especially when the devices have been integrated into the furniture. There was a high potential for error with the electrical connection, which meant that the installer had to spend a lot of time to connect the appliances safely. To make connecting the appliances quicker and safer, Merten chose the WAGO 221 Series as the splicing connector for their new generation of cooker connection box.

Simple – Fast – Reliable

Circularly arranged in the large conductor entry, the terminal blocks are easily accessible. The connection is made, as usual, by opening the lever, inserting the stripped conductor to the stop and closing the lever. It doesn't get any quicker and safer. The test slot under the lever with the WAGO logo allows convenient testing of the connection from the conductor connection direction.


Connect Bollard Lights – Fast, Easy, Effortless!

In close partnership with the interconnection specialist WAGO, the lighting manufacturer BEGA has developed a new junction box that makes connecting lights significantly faster, easier and safer.


WAGO 221 Series Splicing Connectors Keep Things Cool Worldwide

If a small splicing connector is helping keep things cool, then the WAGO 221 must be behind it all. Their simple, ergonomic design and global approvals have convinced the American cooling technology manufacturer True Manufacturing to install them in their devices.


221 Series Splicing Connector Products

221 Series Splicing Connectors in Various Applications

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221 Series Compact Splicing Connectors

The way to connect: From intercom system wiring to electrical ovens – connecting different conductor types is quick and easy with the 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector.