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News 14 October 2020
Secure and Flexible Mounting

Secure flying leads using WAGO's new mounting adapters for the MCS MAXI 6 and 16 PCB Connection Systems with levers.

A flexible yet secure mount? It sounds contradictory, but it's not. WAGO's new mounting adapters for the MCS MAXI 6 and 16 PCB Connection Systems with levers prove that security and flexibility can co-exist.

Simple Mounting in the Application

As industry-firsts, these mounting adapters allow flying leads with cross-sections up to 25 mm2 to be easily secured to a DIN-35 rail or panel.

WAGO's mounting adapters are intuitive and easy to use. Both connecting the adapter to the connectors and installing or removing the entire connection from DIN-rail is extremely quick and easy. This isn’t just an advantage when assembling the units at the factory, it also benefits users at the worksite because a pluggable connection allows, for example, modular function modules to be quickly connected in the field. This design reduces both wiring costs and the risk of errors.

Maximum Flexibility

Both female and male connectors can be secured with the new mounting adapters for maximum flexibility. Several adapters can also be used, if required, for maximum stability. The mounting adapters are designed to be no wider than the connector body, which means there is no risk of losing space.

The mounting adapters are available individually as accessories or pre-assembled at the factory. They are a valuable addition to PCB connectors – whether it's for the power supply of stationary or mobile control units, e-charging points or the intuitive combination of modular function modules with push-in lever connectors.

Product Overview

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