Lighting with DALI and KNX®


In conjunction with the WAGO I/O System, the KNX IP Controller can be used as a programmable application controller within KNX IP networks. The controller supports both 750/753 Series Digital and Analog Input/Output Modules, as well as communication and specialty modules. The IEC 61131-3 programmable controller is capable of 10/100 Mbit/s data rates. KNX® objects of any type (EIS/DPT) can be created via programming. Libraries including pre-made function blocks are readily available on the WAGO Website for programming. The controller supports a maximum of 253 communication objects, as well as 254 group addresses and associations.

The KNX IP Controller (Item No. 750-889) can be operated together with the KNX/EIB/TP1 Module as a router on an IP backbone (ETHERNET). No IEC application is required for router functionality. Both devices are configured and commissioned via ETS software using the WAGO product database. The software includes a DCA that automatically installs and opens for configuration.

The KNX IP Controller features an integrated 2‐port 10/100 Mbit/s switch, allowing a line structure to be easily created without additional network components. The maximum number of controllers that can be wired in series is 20. An internal server is available for Web-based applications.

The number of KNX/EIB/TP1 modules supported by the KNX IP Controller (Item No. 753-646) depends on the application. When the KNX IP Controller (Item No. 750-889) is connected to the first KNX/EIB/TP1 Module (Item No. 753-646), the device can be used as a KNXnet/IP router. The I/O module is switched to router mode automatically. An application program is not required for operation in router mode. Additional I/O modules that are connected to a KNX IP Controller are addressed in device mode by the application.

An external KNX® power supply and ETS Professional Software are required to operate the KNX/EIB/TP1 Modules.

A DALI Master Module connects up to 64 electronic control gears and 16 multi-sensors. When setting up a new system, it is recommended to assign a maximum of 66% of the available subscriber slots.

The WAGO ETS DCA extends the WAGO ETS product database to allow configuration of WAGO devices such as the KNX/EIB/TP1 module (item number 753-646), the KNX IP controller (item number 750-889) and the KNXnet/IP router (consisting of the KNX/EIB/TP1 module and KNX IP controller).

Product Overview

The Standard in Lighting Control

Lighting control with DALI – the “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” (DALI) is a communication protocol for building lighting applications and is used for communication between lighting control devices, such as electronic control gears, brightness sensors or motion detectors.


KNX® – for Home Automation and Building Technology

KNX® is a uniform, manufacturer-independent communication protocol for intelligently networking state-of-the-art home and building system technologies. KNX® plans and controls energy-efficient solutions for more functionality and convenience while simultaneously reducing energy costs.