Product FAQ

On the following pages you will find information on the most frequently asked questions. If the question you are looking for is not listed - please contact us by phone or leave your question in the form at the bottom of the page.

Most customers want to know...

Can I use e!COCKPIT on a virtual machine too?

Yes, installation of e!COCKPIT on virtual machines is possible and permitted. Some license types require a one-time Internet connection for activation.

For programming multiple controllers, do I also need multiple licenses?

One e!COCKPIT license allows you to use the engineering software on one computer without limit, regardless of the number of controllers. However, depending on the project, each controller may need its own license for the runtime software.

Can buy-out licenses also be used by other companies within a group of companies?

No, not without separate contractual arrangements.

Buy-out licenses allow only the respective contractual partner to use the software and the associated license key for an unlimited number of computers at an unlimited number of sites. For subsidiaries such as sales companies to be covered by the license, this must be expressly stated in the order confirmation by naming the subsidiary, through wording like the following: “Besides the contractual partner (as the directly authorized user), the following companies affiliated with it are also authorized to use the software to the same extent: ...”

Are there also site licenses and buy-out licenses for educational institutions?

No: Universities, polytechnic colleges and comparable educational institutions do not receive site licenses and buy-out licenses, but rather free licenses.

How do I get a license?

We send licenses by email. Besides the customer’s name and license key, this email also contains a PDF file with the license certificate. This allows you to conveniently print and archive all the important information.

Can I also completely delete an e!COCKPIT license?

Yes – the e!COCKPIT license manager can be used to remove a license. The license key can then be used on a different device.

Do I need licenses for add-ons?

Yes – add-ons usually require licenses and are subject to fees.

Can I get a starter kit license even without a starter kit?

No – starter kit licenses are supplied only in combination with starter kits. Each customer can order at most one starter kit.

Is a starter kit license functionally restricted?

No – at this time, starter kit licenses are not functionally restricted, although the starter kit license always requires an online connection for activation.

However, it is possible that future new e!COCKPIT functions will not always be provided for the starter kit license and instead reserved for other license types.

Can licenses be stored on a central server, and can the project computers be authenticated online from there (floating licenses)?

No, we do not offer floating licenses – one license is always tied to one computer.

However, you can transfer a license to a different device. To do so, simply use the e!COCKPIT license manager to remove the license from the computer in question. The license key can then be used on a different device.