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Custom Control Cabinet Solutions

Reliable, efficient, tailor-made solution for your application.

Automation and digitalization are essential building blocks for Industry 4.0 and among critical components for its execution is an efficient and well-designed control cabinet. WAGO supports you in your journey of building efficient control cabinets with solutions ranging from designing, assembly, cabling, testing and commissioning with real added value.
With extensive product range of electrical interconnection, interface and automation technologies, WAGO delivers just right solution to your applications quickly and easily.

Your Benefits

  • Everything at one place
  • Plug&Play solution
  • High product quality
  • Reliable systems
  • Time-cost-space saving

Custom DIN Rail Assembly

Custom Terminal assemblies tailor-made to your application.

Design ideal component for your control cabinet with WAGO. Using industry-leading connection solutions, we create custom rail assemblies as per your specifications for your applications.


Basis the requirement and review of specifications, team at WAGO creates suitable 3D rail assembly configuration using state-of-the-art WAGO smartDESIGNER software.


Post designing the configuration, a trained team assembles specified terminals on DIN rail followed by identification marking with WAGO smartPRINTER.

WAGO also offers rail assembly wiring with mounting into an enclosure for plug&play solution.


Professional packaging and transport services ensure your rail-assembly reaches you fast, safe and ready-to-use condition.


The company of the future will be thoroughly networked. Anything that’s not connected to the IT system must be connected sooner or later, especially production. However, many companies are not ready for this – and their machines and systems are inherently unable to transmit data. This is the key point where the WAGO IoT Box comes into play.

With a complete system ready for immediate use and all functions required for digitization, IoT boxes provide you with an optimal solution for connecting field to the cloud


Integrating machines and systems into the ‘Internet of Things’ is incredibly simple with WAGO’s IoT Box. The IoT Box is designed as a plug-and-play device where no hardware engineering is needed. These IoT boxes can be docked to existing machines retroactively, without interrupting the production process.

  • Ready to use
  • Hardware/software expandable and application-specific adaptable
  • Flexible connection via ETHERNET, WLAN or mobile network


Various options are available for connecting to the company’s IT infrastructure like Ethernet/WLAN connection, or completely location-independent access via the mobile communication network. The necessary security is provided not only by the separation between the IT and OT networks, but also by further measures such as TLS encryption and VPN tunneling, which are built right into the PFC controllers.

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