Tank Ballast and Cargo Management

Perfectly in balance: WAGO is your competent partner for tank ballast and cargo management solutions. We have the experience, the knowledge and the products to deliver on-target assistance.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • General purpose use
  • Distributed, modular and approved for use on ships
  • Web visualization with a differentiated authorization concept

WAGO in Marine Applications

Solutions for Tank Ballast and Cargo Management

Our tank ballast and cargo management solutions have proven their value across the world's seas and under the toughest conditions.

Automation for Tank Ballast and Cargo Management Systems

Maintaining stability in rough seas is vital for freighters. A reliable tank ballast system is a ship's life insurance against incorrect trim, heel or draught. The anti-heeling system can automate a number of steps for this essential function. Rapid loading and unloading can be dramatically simplified with an automated cargo management system. Ensure safe, continually processes in the event of a fault with a WAGO automation-equipped emergency shutdown system. This solution for protecting people and the environment has long been standard equipment for German- and Italian-built cruise ships.


See our Solutions at Work

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