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WAGO I/O System Field

Decentralization with extended connectivity – the I/O System Field for IP67-rated cabinet-free automation features an impressive range of functions.

The Benefits for You:

  • Integrated load management
  • Extended network connectivity
  • Form and function combined
  • An all-in-one solution via IO-link

New Products

The WAGO I/O System Field, Now with MQTT

Cloud connection allows even more possible applications of the decentralized I/O System.

The decentralized WAGO I/O System Field boasts expanded network connectivity. It integrates fast ETHERNET-based fieldbuses like PROFINET®, EtherNet/IPTM and EtherCAT®, as well as technologies like IO-Link, OPC UA, Bluetooth® and Webserver. The fieldbus modules of the I/O System Field now also support the MQTT communication protocol for applications like direct cloud connection. Device data and metadata, measured values and diagnostic data can be read out and passed to a cloud application or edge device for further processing.

A free firmware update provides the MQTT functionality as an add-on. The WAGO I/O Field app for iOS or Android can be used to operate the modules over Bluetooth® (Bluetooth Low Energy). This app now includes IP address assignment and management, making wireless commissioning in the field even easier. In addition to protection type IP67, the modules now meet the requirements of enclosure types 12 & 13 (UL 50) and have been certified per UL 61010 ordinary location requirements, allowing use in the corresponding markets. The WAGO I/O System Field toolkit also now includes IO-Link Configurator. Use this engineering software to configure WAGO IO-Link Masters and directly operate IO-Link devices, regardless of the manufacturer. Besides the I/O System Field modules, the engineering software can now configure I/O System 750 modules too.

The Benefits for You:

  • Cloud connection via MQTT
  • Initial assignment and management of module IP addresses via app
  • UL standards compliance for greater market access

Rapid, Comprehensive Configuration

The new tool for IO-Link devices offers many settings options and convenient data access.

IO-Link is gaining more and more acceptance as the interface for connecting sensors and actuators digitally. One reason: The obligatory IO Device Description (IODD) facilitates manufacturer-independent communication with various IO-Link devices. WAGO now offers IO-Link Configurator, integrated engineering software that can configure the WAGO IO-Link Master and allows manufacturer-independent operation of IO-Link devices.

The new configurator supports IO-Link V1.0 (IODD V1.0.1) and IO-Link V1.1 (IODD V1.1). This tool can be used to configure all IP67 modules of the WAGO I/O System Field and all WAGO IO-Link Masters and IO-Link devices, as well as other manufacturers’ IO-Link devices. If IODDs are missing, IODDfinder can be used to easily search for and integrate them. This tool can run as a standalone program or be integrated into PLC programming software via TCI (Tool Calling Interface).

The Benefits for You:

  • Configurator for WAGO IO-Link Master and other IO-Link devices
  • Automatic download of missing IODDs using IODDfinder
  • TCI interface for integration into engineering systems

License item number (WAGO DRM): 2759-0106/1121-1000

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WAGO I/O Field App

The I/O System Field app is an app for maintenance, diagnostics, operation and monitoring. The WAGO I/O Field app allows you to display product information, make settings and adjust parameters for both fieldbus modules and IO-Link hubs. The communication takes place through the Bluetooth® interface once a Data Matrix code has been scanned to select the product. The current measured values of a port can be displayed (temperature, voltage, current and states) and configured (including operating mode and filters).

  • Identification via Data Matrix codes
  • Communication via Bluetooth®
  • Download of IODDs (IODDfinder)
  • Access to all process and parameter data
  • Forcing outputs (DO)
  • Management of datasheets, manuals etc.
  • User and rights management


Future-Proof Automation

High-performance, designed for time-sensitive networking (TSN) and unshakeable even in the harshest environmental conditions: The WAGO I/O System Field for cabinet-free automation combines an impressive variety of functions with robust IP67 housings.

A Wide Range of Applications

Whether on a packaging machine or a robot arm: The modules of the I/O System Field mount exactly where you need them – at the heart of the action, close to sensors and actuators.

The Unbeatable Advantages of the WAGO I/O System Field

Extended network connectivity

Modern, decentralized production facilities require automation solutions that ensure the highest level of connectivity, while providing maximum performance outside of the control cabinet. WAGO developed its new future-proof I/O System Field with the IP67 protection type to meet these needs. The new system combines fast ETHERNET-based fieldbuses like PROFINET®, EtherCAT® and EtherNet/IPTM modules, supports technologies such as OPC UA, Bluetooth®, and Webserver and will soon support MQTT as a protocol for cloud connectivity. The centerpiece is a powerful processor core that combines secure field and cloud connectivity. The module provides high-performance technologies with an integrated security function. It is the basis for all ETHERNET, fieldbus and Industrial IoT standards (including TSN), offering maximum flexibility for a wide variety of requirements.

The Benefits for You:

  • Support for standard fieldbus systems
  • Platform-independent data exchange through OPC UA
  • System information provided via MQTT
  • Fast and distributed access to module information via Bluetooth®
  • Access to system information via integrated Webserver
  • #made for TSN


Ludwig Adelmann, Product Manager at WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Form and function combined

The IP67-rated I/O System Field is optimized for robust cabinet-free automation. The modules mount exactly where you need them – at the heart of the action, close to sensors and actuators. This adaptability not only reduces the cabling required, but also simplifies commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics. The system offers uncompromising protection with fully encapsulated metal housings for extremely harsh environments, or robust yet lightweight plastic housings for mobile applications. The modules operate at temperatures from −25 to +70 °C (−13 … +158 °F). Slim housing variants and lateral mounting lend themselves well to detecting signals in the tightest spaces and to protected mounting of both modules and connection cables. Sensors and actuators are connected via standard M8 and M12 cables. The system is powered via an L-coded high-current M12 connector, providing up to 16 A and packing more power into less space. The modules can accommodate WMB Inline markers or marking strips from the standard WAGO portfolio.

The Benefits for You:

  • Fully encapsulated IP67 metal housings for extreme environments
  • Non-encapsulated, lightweight IP67 plastic housings for mobile applications
  • Detailed labeling, convenient marking options and clearly visible LEDs

Integrated load management

Innovative load management ensures full utilization of system power via supply current load management. Current and voltage can be recorded and evaluated for each channel. Overload limits can be set for individual channels. This allows faster, more nuanced error detection in the event of faults, as well as easier error prediction – which is essential for forward-looking approaches like predictive maintenance.

The Benefits for You:

  • High-capacity power supply with up to 2 x 16 A and up to 4 A per IO-Link port
  • Adjustable output current limitation
  • Current consumption monitoring
  • Definition of pre-alarms and main alarms
  • Monitoring voltages and currents (by channel and module-wide)
  • Channel-based temperature monitoring

» This makes project planning and cabling significantly easier. It also opens up completely new possibilities for diagnostics, parameterization and device identification. «

Helmut Börjes, Product Manager at WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

An all-in-one solution via IO-link

In combination with IO-Link, the I/O System Field fully demonstrates its strengths as a flexible “I/O distributor” for data collection and distribution. The communication standard allows a seamless data flow from the control level to the sensor and actuator level. This makes project planning and cabling significantly easier. It also opens up completely new possibilities for diagnostics, parameterization and device identification.

The Benefits for You:

  • End-to-end cloud and fieldbus communication with IO-Link
  • Simplified wiring for project planning and device replacement
  • Up to eight IO-Link hubs per module – up to 4 A per port – up to 128 digital I/Os on one master
  • Star topology for short line paths
  • Fewer IP addresses

Media Library


Videos: 2 | Duration: 38:60


Videos: 2 | Duration: 38:60

Customer Applications

Automating Sawing Equipment
with the I/O system in IP67

Burkhardt-Löffler, located in Franconia, manufactures systems for stone working, and relies on consistent automation from WAGO. The WAGO I/O System Field ensures the necessary connectivity in their newly developed saw. The solution scores points with its easy cabling, free parameterization of the inputs and outputs, IP67 protection class, and fast implementation, among others.


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