WAGO Solution Builder

Engineering software tailored to building automation gives you an integrated, efficient way to create solutions throughout the entire life cycle of your building. You have the option of setting up all your projects on a Web interface.

The Benefits for You:

  • A clearly organized representation of the system on a Web interface
  • An efficient workflow to save time on engineering
  • Intelligent bulk processing of data and devices helps prevent errors
  • Comprehensive project documentation with one mouse click


WAGO Solution Builder lets users create building automation solutions efficiently and with guaranteed quality.

WAGO Solution Builder is an integrated, efficient solution that provides the best possible support for designers of building automation solutions. The workflow is optimized to keep the processes of creating the entire project in the office (offline) and commissioning it on site (online) separate. All the project documentation can be generated with one mouse click. Applications can also be saved as templates for reuse. All user groups work together through the new software solution’s central Web-based interface. This ensures a consistent workflow and lets you keep an eye on the whole building project. The option of bulk data processing, even for projects with a large number of controllers, also saves time and money. The solution provides native support for addressing systems for the project tree and the description of data points, so they are a fixed component of the project organization. That eliminates the need to create them later, which would take more time and money and be prone to errors.



A Comprehensive Approach

WAGO Solution Builder supports your project, from winning the contract, to commissioning, execution and documentation, all the way to periodic servicing and hardware and software maintenance. The software lets you create multiple building automation solutions in parallel and makes all the data available at all times.

Additional advantages:

  • Easy data sharing between WAGO Solution Builder components through interfaces optimized for the workflow
  • In addition to automation solutions, couplers, switches, field devices and third-party devices can be integrated into the cross-communication and documented as part of the solution.

Bulk Processing

WAGO Solution Builder was developed for processing large data volumes in building automation.

This has clear advantages for users:

  • Set up pattern structures in detail; when reproducing them, you then benefit from the clever inheritance mechanisms and logical groupings.
  • A solution can contain just a few automation stations or hundreds, with thousands of data points.


When you create a solution with controllers offline, it is transferred to the devices on a job-by-job basis, including your settings and applications. The jobs are processed asynchronously in an outsourced service. What that means is:

  • During the transfer process, you can continue to use WAGO Solution Builder without restrictions.
  • If parameters on the controllers have been modified during building operation, they can be read back in during the next synchronization.

This bidirectionality ensures that no settings get lost.

Project Documentation

WAGO Solution Builder automatically creates the required project documentation with just one mouse click. You benefit from clear organization:

  • All the information entered into the solution, such as IP addresses, applications, firmware versions or the hardware used, is output as a PDF in the project documentation.
  • The project documentation layout and degree of detail are easy to customize.



  • Time savings and error minimization during engineering
  • Clear organization of (large) projects into solutions
  • Employees can work on a project in parallel and easily transfer data among themselves
  • Device management for many controllers, even for maintenance and service


  • Complete controller commissioning workflow
  • Configure applications without programming knowledge (IEC know-how) and transfer them to the device.
  • Quick and easy project documentation
  • Protecting the controllers with basic cybersecurity is easy


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