Topics 2 August 2021
Easy Monitoring and Management for Public Buildings

Anyone responsible for public buildings involving distributed properties, such as kindergartens, schools or municipal buildings, knows the dilemma: Each building has its own requirements, a different structure and unique technical characteristics. Keeping track and reacting quickly to discrepancies can be a challenge.

This is exactly where WAGO Building Operation and Control comes in, helping property managers record their building condition information and view it at a glance. This process can be as comprehensive as necessary while remaining as simple as possible.

WAGO Solution for Public Buildings

  • Monitoring the building technology systems
  • Monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2 and more, as well as status messages
  • Outer shell monitoring (windows and doors)
  • Energy data acquisition
  • Representing the general building condition and fault management

Building and Property Management

The WAGO Solution for Public Buildings

A Complete Overview of the Building Operation

With the combination of the WAGO Building Control application and WAGO Cloud Building Operation and Control, WAGO provides property managers with a solution to manage and monitor local infrastructure and decentralized systems from a central location. Data from the building automation system is collected and made available to the cloud – in other words, all building data can be accessed at any time, from any location. The intuitive user interface allows the status of each property to be quickly and easily recorded and viewed at a glance. If action is needed in a building (for example, due to a malfunction or pending maintenance), this is automatically detected, recorded and forwarded directly in the form of a notification (email or SMS) to the person assigned to the building systems. This helps minimize downtime and ensures smooth and efficient building operations.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

All the relevant information for the individual building systems and properties, such as energy data, is processed via the cloud and can be compiled and analyzed in reports. Thus, besides providing a complete overview of building operations, this solution also helps increase long-term energy efficiency. In addition, WAGO Cloud Building Operation and Control meets all the requirements for BAFA (German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) listed energy management software, making it eligible for subsidy funding.

» Thanks to the WAGO solution for building and property management, property managers of public buildings always have an overview of their buildings so they can reliably protect their operations. «

Carsten Wendt, Product Manager at WAGO

Added Value for the Operator

  • Investment security and a high degree of scalability of the overall solution
  • Hierarchical representation of the properties
  • Excellent usability and ease (user-friendly operation, both local and remote)
  • Energy report (generation/consumption) for one or all building systems
  • Fault messages for the heat generators (heating, district heating)
  • Trending supports evaluation of user complaints (too hot or too cold)
  • Operators can network various technical systems with a single WAGO Cloud
  • Multi-cloud solutions are possible (simultaneous connection to AWS, SAP, IBM etc.)
  • Central user and role concept: defined concept for groups for access to individual building systems