Future-Proof Management of Buildings and Distributed Properties

Flexible Automation, Central Management

Managing and monitoring buildings and distributed properties from a central point with local infrastructure and decentralized systems is becoming more and more important for reliable, efficient, future-proof building operation. This requires state-of-the-art systems that provide an overview of all aspects of building operation and provide transparency to allow fast, targeted action.

Building and Property Management with WAGO

Efficient, Future-Proof Building Operation

Flexibility through Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are a hot topic: They simplify the management of distributed properties from a single source and provide the necessary flexibility to meet future requirements related to evolving technologies in the best way possible.

For most users, the most important factor in cloud computing is the availability of all the information about their properties, such as retail stores or public buildings, around the clock from any location.

An Overview of the WAGO Solution

In addition to these requirements, modern automation solutions must also be capable of integrating a huge variety of building systems and concentrating operation and monitoring at a central point. WAGO’s Building Control application and WAGO Cloud Building Operation and Control bring all the building systems together, including monitoring and energy management. It offers an intelligent solution to make commissioning and ongoing operation of systems significantly easier and get costs under control.

Benefits for Your Project

Benefits during Commissioning

  • Easy, functional, reliable configuration and commissioning of the system automation, including easy connection to the cloud without programming skills or IT knowledge
  • Openness: a variety of interfaces for connecting different sensors and devices
  • Maximum scalability: one solution for both small, simple applications and projects involving large, complex properties
  • High cost effectiveness thanks to quick and easy commissioning

Benefits during Operation

  • Convenient decentralized operation and monitoring via integrated dashboard, as well as global centralized operation and monitoring in the cloud
  • Clarity and transparency: options for global, decentralized access to the system functions, sensors and actuators
  • Central monitoring of sensor data and limiting values; intuitive fault message management
  • A self-sufficient solution: The local installation in the property continues to run independently of the cloud connection

The Solution in Detail

WAGO’s Building Control Application

WAGO’s Building Control application is a pre-programmed software solution that makes it easy to create all the functions necessary for the automation of buildings and distributed properties.

The Benefits for You:

  • Functions for lighting, shading, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, timer programs, energy data acquisition and system monitoring
  • A high degree of flexibility and scalability
  • Configuration interface – configuring, not programming
  • Web-based visualization
  • Easy, clear on-site operation via the most common browsers on any terminal device

WAGO Cloud Building Operation and Control

The connection to WAGO Cloud Building Operation and Control is the final element of the overall solution, allowing access to all the data from anywhere in the world.

The Benefits for You:

  • Remote access
  • Operation and monitoring of properties via tree structure
  • Central alarm and fault message management reports irregularities, limiting value violations and system defects
  • Evaluations and reports for analysis of local energy consumption data and comprehensive assessments
  • Device management, for example to apply firmware updates or security patches, to keep the systems up to date and meet security requirements

Use Cases

Get to know our solution through example use cases.

The Perfect Solution for Stores

To remain competitive, retailers need to meet many challenges. Cost-effective store operation and high availability of technical equipment help to achieve this. Among other things, these require:

  • Monitoring of lighting for merchandise display
  • Central adjustment of operating parameters
  • Separate energy data acquisition (for example, for shop-in-shop concepts)
  • On-time notification of malfunctions and maintenance messages

Overseeing and Managing Public Buildings Easily

Anyone responsible for distributed public buildings, such as kindergartens, schools or municipal administration buildings, knows the dilemma: Each building has its own requirements, a different structure and different technical characteristics. WAGO Building Operation and Control is the ideal tool to help you maintain an overview and react quickly to problems.

  • The solution captures building condition information at a glance.
  • It is both as comprehensive as necessary and as simple as possible.
  • The information lets you make meaningful comparisons and informed assessments.

Media Library

Building Roadshow

Would you like to learn more about building and property management? At our first Building Roadshow event this year, our experts focused on this topic and explored how reliable, efficient, future-proof operation of buildings and distributed properties can be achieved. Learn first-hand how to implement state-of-the-art building management easily and gain practical insights into WAGO solutions.

You can watch the entire session (45 min) on demand on the Building Roadshow platform after a free one-time registration. Here you can also find more information about the Roadshow and other exciting topics from the building industry.

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