Lighting with Several DALI I/O Modules

DALI - the Standard in Lighting Control

Lighting control with DALI – The “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” (DALI) is a communication protocol for building lighting applications and is used for communication between lighting control devices, such as electronic ballasts, brightness sensors or motion detectors.


The DALI Multi-Master Module (753-647) complies with DALI standard IEC 62386. This manufacturer-independent protocol ensures the interoperability of DALI devices in lighting applications.

Just 12 mm wide, this I/O module is used as a DALI interface in combination with WAGO's 750 Series Controllers and I/O Modules (e.g., BACnet, KNX, EnOcean, LON®, MODBUS). Each DALI Multi-Master Module supports 64 addresses for electronic control gears (ECGs) and 64 addresses for DALI sensors. Each DALI ECG can be assigned to 16 groups and 16 scenes. The DALI Multi-Master Module also offers 16 additional virtual groups on the DALI bus. DALI ECGs possess one single address, which is conveniently assigned via the DALI Configurator (free WAGO plug-in). The configurator is available as a stand-alone Windows application or for use with WAGO-I/O-CHECK software. Using the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, DALI controllers can be seamlessly integrated into other building systems. Several DALI masters can be connected to a single fieldbus node. The maximum number of I/O modules that can be connected to a controller depends on the memory required by the application. Fieldbus nodes are programmed via WAGO-I/O-PRO software. WAGO provides a comprehensive IEC-61131-3 library of function blocks, simplifying the creation of complex lighting applications. Alternatively, an “Easy Mode” allows lighting functions to be easily controlled without any complicated PLC programming. The I/O module is future-ready and can be upgraded to the latest DALI release. A comprehensive and easy-to-use commissioning and maintenance tool is available as a stand-alone application or as an integrated WAGO-I/O-CHECK software component.

Two options are available to supply the DALI Multi-Master Module:

1. Via DALI Multi-Master DC/DC Converter (753-620) for supplying a single I/O module
2. Via 787-1007 Power Supply for several 753-647 DALI Multi-Master Modules (used here!).

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