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WAGO Room Automation Macro

The Basis For Tailored Solutions

WAGO’s Room Automation macro is based on the flexROOM® solution’s successful software concept. The macro provides a library and base application for easily creating scalable room automation solutions with e!COCKPIT.

Benefits of WAGO Room Automation Macro:

  • Easily create scalable room automation solutions with e!COCKPIT
  • Ready-made functions: All the relevant room functions for lighting, shading and climate control, as well as a Web-based graphical user interface

All the relevant room functions of the lighting, shading and climate control systems are already available and can be individually customized or expanded. A Web-based graphical user interface is also available for integrating and configuring lights, sunblinds, actuators, sensors and room control units. The solution also offers flexibility throughout the building’s entire lifecycle for dividing office areas into rooms and open-space zones.

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