Intelligent Room Automation for Economical Operation

The efficiency of a room automation solution depends on more than just a high energy efficiency class – easy installation and commissioning, as well as a high degree of flexibility throughout a building’s entire lifecycle, are also important. Room automation solutions from WAGO let you take an integrated approach to building systems like lighting, sun protection and indoor climate control, exploit synergy and get data about requested heating/cooling loads. This makes it the perfect basis for your building.

  • Simple configuration – no programming
  • Flexible adaptation to individual application requirements
  • Minimized energy consumption for lighting, shading, heating and cooling buildings

Room Automation

Flexible Room Functions

Room Lighting

Demand-driven and user-oriented lighting control considerably reduces energy costs.

The Benefits for You at a Glance:

  • Optimum interaction between sensors and actuators via centralized or distributed controller
  • A wide range of interface solutions for room automation bus systems and subsystems
  • User-oriented and demand-driven room lighting for lower operating costs – save up to 50 % with WAGO’s lighting control solutions

Sunblind Control

A modern sunblind or roll shutter control system not only reduces energy costs, but also helps protect the environment and has a positive efficient on your wellbeing.

The Benefits for You at a Glance:

  • Modern blind control solutions help reduce energy costs, preventing unwanted room heating/cooling and sun reflection through glass facades
  • Lower heating, cooling and artificial lighting costs
  • Solutions for conventional sunblind drive and SMI drive technology

Room Air-Conditioning

Streamlined, automated energy consumption, as well as maximum user comfort, are the key features of modern room air-conditioning systems. Demand-driven, time-dependent and motion-base control of temperature and relative humidity are possible, as are functions such as window monitoring and automatic thermal control.

The Benefits for You at a Glance:

  • Considerable energy savings up to 30 % through interactive room air-conditioning
  • Demand-driven, time-dependent and motion-based control of temperature and relative humidity
  • Window monitoring and automatic thermal control



Configuring – Not Programming

Offers integrated room automation for lighting, sun protection and indoor climate control – no programming necessary.

WAGO Weather Station Application

Perfect Control, No Matter the Weather

Providing measurement data for further processing and visualization from connected sensors of different manufacturers, such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed and light intensity data.

WAGO Room Automation Macro

The Basis For Tailored Solutions

The base application works with room segments. Sensors and actuators from the sun protection, lighting and room temperature control sections can be assigned individually.


WAGO flexROOM®, WAGO’s scalable room automation solution, is ideal for large and medium-sized office and administrative buildings. It can be used both in new buildings and for energy modernization projects

and offers all the relevant room functions for lighting, shading and climate control. Thus flexROOM® provides the basis for achieving energy efficiency class A per EN 15232 and supports the certification of your building as a sustainable green building, e.g., per national and international system like DGNB or LEED.

The ready-made application solution allows automation without significant programming effort. It offers a Web-based graphical user interface for integrating and configuring lights, sunblinds, actuators, sensors and room control units. The concept is based on segments as the smallest functional units within buildings in which room automation functions are performed across all building systems. This segment-oriented concept allows a flexible association of office space with rooms or open-space areas throughout the entire lifecycle of the building.

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WAGO Room Automation Macro

WAGO’s Room Automation macro is based on the flexROOM® solution’s successful software concept. The macro provides a library and base application for easily creating scalable room automation solutions with e!COCKPIT.

All the relevant room functions of the lighting, shading and climate control are ready-made and can be customized or expanded individually. A Web-based graphical user interface is also available for integrating and configuring lights, sunblinds, actuators, sensors and room control units. The solution offers flexibility throughout the building’s entire lifecycle for dividing office areas into rooms and open-space zones.

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WAGO Weather Station Application

WAGO’s Weather Station application makes all the relevant sensor data, such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed and light intensity, available for further processing and display in a visualization or a management system. It also provides central functions like weather protection, automated glare protection and timer programs.

Slat tracking based on the sun’s position allows the maximum amount of sunlight into rooms while avoiding glare. For this purpose, Weather Station calculates the exact position of the sun, records its intensity with the help of connected light intensity sensors and periodically adjusts the position of the blinds. Additional optimization of the daylight supply is provided by the shading correction.

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The Choice Is Yours!

Versatile Solutions for Your Project

WAGO offers different approaches for implementing your specific project.

  • FlexROOM® – configuring, not programming!
  • The WAGO Room Automation macro – the basis for your custom solution
  • A freely programmable solution with e!COCKPIT

In our brochure, you will learn what WAGO products can help you achieve in terms of energy efficiency and user comfort!

Shading Correction and Dynamic Wind Monitoring

Many common sunshade controllers are based on simple measured values from brightness and wind sensors. The data, which usually comes from only a few installed sensors, is often used for an entire facade or even the entire building; the shading and wind situations of various building areas are not differentiated. For example, if the wind speed reaches a limiting value, all the blinds of a facade or the entire building will be moved into the protective position.

In combination with the WAGO Weather Station application, flexROOM® offers two innovative functions that allow individual control for each window or separately controllable curtain/group.

The Shading Correction function takes the shadows cast by adjacent building sections, neighboring buildings or structures and vegetation into account; only blinds that are actually exposed to direct sunlight are moved to the calculated position.

The Dynamic Wind Monitoring function takes the specific wind conditions affecting each blind into account; only the blinds that are exposed to a critical wind situation are moved to the protective position. The other blinds remain in their sun protection position, continuing to provide glare protection and reduce thermal radiation.

Service provider LEAFTECH calculates the data for shading prediction and dynamic wind monitoring on the basis of a 3D model of the building, the surrounding buildings and the relevant vegetation and provides it to the customer. The control data for each separately controllable blind or blind group in the target building is imported into WAGO Weather Station and transmitted to the flexROOM® application for individual control of the corresponding blinds.

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