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WAGO Application Weather Station

Perfect Control, No Matter the Weather

WAGO Application Weather Station makes all the relevant sensor data, such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed and light intensity, available for further processing and display in a visualization or a management system.

Benefits of the WAGO Application Weather Station:

  • All the relevant sensor data for further processing and visualization
  • Shading correction and slat tracking based on the sun’s position optimize the amount of sunlight in rooms
  • Weather protection, automated glare protection and timer programs
  • Dynamic wind monitoring

To meet the increasing demands on sun protection control, the WAGO Application Weather Station offers two functions: The shading correction optimizes the supply of sunlight, using the shading caused by surrounding buildings as part of a shading analysis. The result: only the blinds that are actually in the sun are adjusted according to the sun’s position. The “Dynamic Wind Monitoring” function offers selective weather protection. In the presence of strong winds, it only protects the shades that are actually at risk of damage according to a wind analysis.

It also provides central functions like weather protection, automated glare protection and timer programs. The slat tracking based on the sun’s position allows the maximum amount of sunlight into rooms while avoiding glare. For this purpose, Weather Station calculates the exact position of the sun, records its intensity with the help of connected light intensity sensors and periodically adjusts the position of the blinds. Additional optimization of the daylight supply is provided by the shading correction.

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