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Cybersecurity in Building Automation: Effective Defense against Attacks

Building automation systems are increasingly networked with IT solutions; however, processes focused on security against internal and external network attacks are still relatively rare in this field. The reason for this is, largely unprotected systems in building technology meet a complex IT realm.

Intelligent and Secure Building Automation

  • Open, interoperable systems are the basis for energy-efficient building automation strategies.
  • Building technology is coupled with intelligent power supply networks, exposing the building operator to potential network attacks.
  • WAGO has the expertise and technology to incorporate IT infrastructure into building automation from the initial design and can safeguard it over the long term.

Securely Networked

Thanks to modern building automation, existing structures can be converted to smart buildings at manageable costs – with high energy efficiency and increased comfort. Up-to-date cybersecurity ensures secure building operation.

Smart buildings offer immense energy-saving possibilities. But how can networking and digitalization advance without leaving building operators vulnerable to potential building automation attacks? This is a primary challenge confronting today's building automation suppliers. Cybersecurity also takes top priority at WAGO: All of our solutions are protected with the up-to-date security technologies that thwart attacks at the highest level. At the same time, our open and interoperable automation solutions offer you the widest range of options for realizing your energy efficiency projects. Full security – without compromising flexibility – adds up to long-term success for complex building automation projects.

Easy Protection for Existing Systems!

Security with WAGO Controllers

WAGO provides the expertise and technology that enables buildings to be designed and constructed in a more energy-efficient and secure manner. WAGO's PFC200 and PFC100 Controllers play a key role in this because they come with an integrated firewall that protect from network attacks. They are also equipped with cloud connectivity, which optimally protects building data from unauthorized data attacks. Information is directly encrypted in the controller and then transmitted to the cloud via IPsec or OpenVPN.


Cybersecurity Right in the Switch

  • Industrial managed switches with hardware-related encryption (MAC Security)
  • Retrofit secure data transmission into existing networks
  • Authentication in the network

When we speak of building automation today, we need to be clear that network security is an inherent part of any discussion.

Martin Hardenfels

- Head of Business, Development Building WAGO -

Cybersecurity in Buildings

WAGOdirect Building: Creating Future-Proof Buildings

Today’s building technology offers significant potential. It can increase the comfort and efficiency of buildings and help them conserve energy. At the same time, the demands that buildings will have to meet in the future are also increasing. In this edition of WAGOdirect Building, find out what those requirements look like and how you can make your construction projects future-proof now to prepare for the requirements of tomorrow.

Energy-Efficient and Secure Projects

In Saarlouis, a city in Saarland, a combination of WAGO PFC200 Controllers and WAGO Cloud are used. An example is monitoring the municipal energy plant and well system to find ways to economize their operation. The controllers collect the data and transmit it to the cloud, where the city administrators can access it from any location. If, for example, the systems in the central energy plant are running inefficiently, then the employees immediately recognize this, in the context of asset management, and can initiate countermeasures. They do not have to worry about security tasks because WAGO, or the WAGO technology equipped with security features, takes over these functions.