Pluggable PCB Connectors and PCB Terminal Blocks

Different applications demand different solutions. WAGO offers the widest range of PCB terminal blocks and pluggable connectors for these. For example, the various spring pressure connection technologies allow you to meet your challenges in drive and controller technology or lighting industry quite easily.

Your benefits:

  • Highly diverse variants
  • Easy and safe use
  • Permanent, secure conductor termination via spring pressure connection technology
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® and PUSH-WIRE® variants for fast, time-saving termination of solid and ferruled conductors
  • Seamless integration into your manufacturing process with products for wave/manual (THT) and reflow soldering (THR/SMT)

Product Overview

Our PCB Connection Solutions


PCB Terminal Blocks and Pluggable PCB Connectors for Power Electronics

For power electronics, WAGO’s range contains two families of PCB terminal blocks and a pluggable connector system for cross-sections up to 25 mm2 (4 AWG) and nominal current up to 76 A. These compact, high-performance PCB terminal blocks – with or without levers – are easy to use and also offer maximum wiring flexibility. The MCS MAXI 16 Pluggable Connector System is also the world’s first pluggable connector with a lever for power electronics.

The Benefits for You:

  • Comprehensive product range
  • Easy conductor termination via Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection technology
  • Wider conductor range and higher current carrying capacity
  • Save money and space by using compact terminal blocks for large cross-sections and high currents
  • Conductor connection both parallel and perpendicular to the PCB
  • Testing both parallel and perpendicular to conductor entry
  • Wide range of uses in various industries and applications

SMD PCB Terminal Blocks

WAGO’s line of SMD PCB terminal blocks is the ideal solution both for your LED applications and for industrial applications. You benefit from several industry-leading advantages, such as a compact and user-friendly design.

The Benefits for You:

  • Push-in termination of solid conductors
  • A low profile and white housing minimize on-board shadowing
  • Tape-and-reel packaging for full integration into automated assembly


PCB Terminal Blocks

WAGO offers a comprehensive range of PCB terminal blocks for conductors ranging from 0.08 to 16 mm2 (28–6 AWG) to connect PCBs to your device environment. With metric or inch pin spacing from 2.5 to 20 mm (0.098–0.787 inch), WAGO has the right solution for your application.

The Benefits for You:

  • Simple, secure connection of solid conductors with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®
  • Wide selection of PCB terminal blocks with different conductor entry directions and actuation types for every need
  • Custom color combinations for clear connection assignment
  • Simple integration into your manufacturing process with products for various soldering processes
  • Variants available for through-panel connection

Pluggable PCB Connectors

Always find the right solution for your application with WAGO’s wide range of pluggable connectors. WAGO’s pluggable PCB connectors are available for conductors ranging from 0.08 to 10 mm2 (28–8 AWG), meeting all requirements for consistent, end-to-end system wiring.

The Benefits for You:

  • Pluggable PCB connection systems perfectly tailored to various requirements and application areas
  • Wide range of connectors within these systems for every conceivable application
  • Fast, vibration-proof and maintenance-free spring pressure connection technology
  • Pin spacing from 2.5 to 7.62 mm (0.098–0.3 inch) with a current carrying capacity up to 41 A
  • Pluggable PCB connectors are available for individual solder pins and solder pin strips
  • Through-panel connector variants available

picoMAX®: The Pluggable Connection System

One Cr-Ni steel spring, double the contact force applied: This principle makes picoMAX® connectors up to 30 % more compact than other connection systems.

The Benefits for You:

  • Compact design: Reduces space by up to 30 %
  • Radically simplified contact system
  • The special design, innovative spring pressure connection technology and new insulation material guarantee absolute contact reliability – even at higher surrounding air temperatures
  • Exceptionally high vibration resistance of up to 20g for wire-to-board connections, thanks to integrated locking latches and a female connector that’s almost fully enshrouded in the male header.
  • Efficient testing of the connectors via test slot parallel to connector entry

Discover Products

New Products

Maximum Device Design Flexibility

Always find the right connection – with WAGO’s THT female headers from the MCS MAXI 6 PCB Connection System.

Wire-to-board (W-to-B), board-to-board (B-to-B), board-to-wire (B-to-W) or wire-to-wire (W-to-W)? No matter what type of connection solution your power electronics application needs, WAGO’s MCS MAXI 6 PCB Connection System has the solution with new THT female headers. This system allows more design freedom for users such as drive and control technology developers.

WAGO’s MCS MAXI 6 Connection System enables high current carrying capacities of up to 57 A and, with the new THT female headers, offers even greater flexibility for designing power electronics connections. Now it is possible to combine a THT female header with a THT male header to connect two boards (B-to-B) easily and flexibly. The touch-proof THT female header, combined with a 1-conductor male header (B-to-W), maximizes safety for PCB power outputs. At the same time, the power inputs and outputs are readily identifiable both visually and functionally. Furthermore, WAGO’s MCS MAXI 6 Connectors are 100 percent protected against mismating and can be printed and coded to meet customer requirements.

The THT female headers are available as 2- to 9-pole straight or angled models in 7.62 mm pin spacing. They have three solder pins per pole, providing a highly stable mechanical and electrical connection to the PCB. The test opening is easily accessible at a 90-degree angle to the mating direction.

The Benefits for You:

  • Several connection options provide superior design flexibility
  • Connect two PCBs (board-to-board) with a high current carrying capacity of up to 57 A
  • Solderable female header for a touch-proof PCB output (board-to-wire)

Item Numbers:

831-3502 to 831-3509
831-3522 to 831-3529

Screw Locking Mechanism Maximizes Protection

WAGO’s MCS MAXI 6 Pluggable Connection System offers a screw locking mechanism for protection and extra stability.

Maximum protection against accidental disconnection and greater mechanical stability for power electronics connectivity: This is what WAGO’s new screw locking system for MCS MAXI 6 Female and Male Connectors with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® offers to users across all industries.

With this new screw locking mechanism, WAGO’s 1-conductor male connectors have an additional surface-mounting option, allowing flying leads to be easily secured to a panel. Additionally, the optional board screw connection provides extra stability to WAGO’s angled THT male headers. As a result, users benefit from maximum reliability when connecting their power electronics.


  • Maximum protection against accidental disconnection
  • Screw locking mechanism for extra stability
  • Easily secure flying leads to a panel

Item Numbers:

831-3102/107-000 to 831-2109/107-000
831-3202/109-000 to 831-3209/109-000
831-3602/108-000 to 831-3609/108-000
831-3622/108-000 to 831-3629/108-000


New Pluggable 252 Series PCB Terminal Block

A compact two-conductor modular PCB connector with pin connection from above joins WAGO’s 252 Series PCB Terminal Blocks. It has been specially developed for the alarm systems used in buildings. The pin connection is performed conveniently from above. Solid conductors can be directly inserted via PUSH WIRE® connection technology and removed via push-buttons. An additional advantage of the 252 Series PCB Terminal Block is revealed during use: In ring lines, the 2-wire connection guarantees uninterrupted operation and enables quick and easy PCB replacement. A new feature for the entire 252 Series: With optional printing, the pluggable PCB terminal blocks can also be used in KNX applications.

The Benefits for You:

  • Suitable for KNX applications
  • Uninterrupted use in ring lines
  • Push-in termination of solid conductors

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