News 13 January 2020
Never out of Print

We take for granted that we have an unbeatably cost-effective printer. and industry-leading marking accessories. But what is much more important than the products themselves is that everything fits together – because cost-effective marking in control cabinets only works if the marking data can be printed conveniently without errors. That’s exactly what the WAGO marking system offers. And WAGO’s new Smart Script marking software adds yet another element.

“Should a machine be at a standstill just because one connection is faulty? A solution for this problem is urgently needed,” says Barbara Tiemann, Product Manager for ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTIONS at WAGO. After all, the costs of failures can extend into the millions. “You want to open the cabinet, instantly find your way around and locate the faults quickly,” says Tiemann. This increases the importance of terminal block marking. Just making markers as durable as possible has long since ceased to be enough.

The Benefits for You:

  • The Smart Script Marking Software Completes the WAGO Marking System

  • The intuitive modern interface makes Smart Script easier to use.

  • Automatic cutting for time savings
  • Processing of many labeling materials
  • Durable, high-quality Japanese knife

Product Overview

Marking with WAGO

Greater Clarity in the Control Cabinet

WAGO offers you the Smart Printer thermal transfer printer for all marking needs in control cabinets: Depending on how you work, you have the option of printing markings from a large variety of systems – from your existing CAE system, from the WAGO Smart Designer configurator or from WAGO’s intuitive marking software, Smart Script.


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