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WAGO WINSTA® Pluggable Connectors – Questions and Answers

Pluggable Connectors – You Ask, We Answer

We get many questions about pluggable electrical installation. Many of these are easy to answer in advance. Get the answers by clicking on the question in the list below.

WINSTA® means versatility for the widest range of applications. With the diverse product types, it is possible to install the energy supply for lights with widely varying switching types through cable ducts or underfloor systems via floor boxes, as well as dimming and shade control via pluggable installation connectors. Integrating bus systems such as DALI for dimming functions or SMI to control shading is uncomplicated; the same applies to the necessary sensors.

Specialty products are available for these applications.

In functional buildings, modules can be added to the WINSTA® System at any time. If the intended room use changes, the installation is adapted or retrofitted quickly and error-free. With plug & play connections, both pre-assembled wiring and loads can be replaced with just a few deft moves. All WINSTA® products can be reused to conserve resources.

Of course; the WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is based on maintenance-free spring pressure connection technology. Many of the components feature Push-in CAGE CLAMP® for conductor terminations; thus, for example, even solid conductors can be simply pushed into the unit.

On the basis of various different applications, WAGO recommends using specific mechanical codings and colors:

ApplicationCodingConnector color
General network applicationsaBlack, white
EPD or UPS applicationsPRed
Controlled lighting, DALIIBlue
Emergency power applicationsLDark gray
Switching applicationsSBrown
Control or other mains applicationsBGray
Controlled shading/dimming; e.g., via SMIBPink
Low voltagesBLight green

Yes. WAGO offers a variety of distribution boxes with different functions, like DALI Bus, KNX applications, sunblind control and more – completely ready for connection with WINSTA® Pluggable Connectors.

As a general rule, the provisions outlined in VDE 0100 must always be observed. Pluggable installation connectors like WINSTA®, approved per IEC 61535, see duty in prefabricated buildings and hollow spaces such as double floors or suspended ceilings. They’re also relied on for cable carrying, routing or ducting systems and are found in showrooms, separation walls and similar applications.

WAGO’s project service offers exceptional support to help you through even the most complex and demanding installations. You can contact the project service via email: info.projektplanung.de@wago.com.

WAGO has compiled planning examples for some applications; these are found in our planning brochure with an appropriate parts list
(www.wago.com/winsta). With WINSTA®, these resources provide a solid foundation that easily adapts to individual projects – particularly in the first stages.

In addition to cooperation with system partners who can access their products via a direct WINSTA® interface, the WINSTA® System offers flexible and independent solutions such as connecting cables with open cable ends for pre-assembly on site. This means devices and loads can always be integrated into a WINSTA® installation.

Using the WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System cuts on-site connection time for installers down to the minimum. Thus, whenever a project calls for electrical installation, the wiring is simple, fast and on time – every time. WINSTA® also offers a multitude of mechanical coding configurations and colors to protect against mismating to virtually eliminate installation errors.

Only qualified electricians or appropriately instructed personnel may install pluggable installation connectors from the WINSTA® Series.

Flexible cables must be protected against excessive loads from tension, pressure, abrasion, twisting and kinking – particularly at device inlets and the transition point to the fixed installation. With WINSTA® Connectors, the transition point from NYM to WINSTA® can be defined and connected directly on site. This transition area must be secured accordingly and protected from excessive bending stress. In addition, all terminals must be protected against shear and tensile stress.

Of course, flexible marking is part of a flexible connector system. This is why WINSTA® also offers custom solutions. Components from the WINSTA® MINI special and WINSTA® MIDI special families can be individually imprinted to explicitly identify the specific power circuit they are assigned to. With clever accessories, additional possibilities emerge.

All products intended for permanent installation (e.g., distribution boxes, snap-in variants, PCB variants) are fitted with locking latches at the factory, ensuring every plugged connection is securely locked. Locking latches can be attached to pre-assembled cables for “flying leads” at any time.

The WINSTA® System is approved up to protection type IP20; thus WINSTA® cannot be used for outdoor installations.

All WINSTA® system components are protected against accidental contact, maximizing safety.

WINSTA® is primarily approved per IEC 61535 (VDE 0606-200) – the product standard for pluggable installation connectors intended for permanent connection in mounted installations. When installing WINSTA® products, the DIN VDE 0100 specifications must be followed.

Compliance of WINSTA® products with the low-voltage directive is verified by the CE approval.

The minimum cable cross section must be adapted to the connected load. Additional protection measures are only required if the cable with the reduced cross section is longer than 3 m (see VDE 0100, Nov. 1991, Part 430).

According to VDE 0100 Part 520, this is acceptable when the connector or all of the wire insulation present in the cable line is rated for the maximum voltage applied.

When using pluggable connector systems, the conduit selected has a significant impact on building protection, which thus safeguarding the inhabitants and users. Cables and conduits fall under the Construction Product Regulation (CPR). Their performance in the event of fire is described by the fire class feature. In the WINSTA® product range, WAGO also carries cables suited for higher fire classes (B2ca and Cca) that are available in our eShop.

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