Our Design System

The WAGO Modular Corporate Design is developed from a digital perspective for all types of media. For digital, print, 3D and all upcoming types of media.

Through the modular design system different requirements can be covered and we can provide more creative freedom, always on brand. But what does modular even mean?

All design elements that are needed for a brand appearance can be modularly constructed and used. If you’re creating a smart watch interface or billboard advertisement, every design consists of elements from the same Corporate Design set.

The WAGO Modular Corporate Design.

Promotional and Functional

Promotional & Functional

Visual communication is the process of exchanging information in a visually perceivable way. Our visual communication at WAGO works fluidly between two purposes: promotional and functional.

This gives the freedom to be very functional and effective in one way, to communicate clear messages. And on the other hand WAGO profits through the possibility of an promotional design, that inspires and creates joy to emotionally charge WAGOs customers.

Basic Elements

Interface Design

As users have many touchpoints with WAGO interfaces, a consistent look across multiple digital products improves the brand experience. The promotional and functional approach defined in the corporate design is also applied here.

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Software & Application


Native Touch Interfaces



Our Designs for Architecture


If you are using Adobe Creative Cloud, you can easily add missing fonts by using Adobe Typekit. Be sure to be logged in to your Adobe Creative Cloud Account with your Adobe ID. Click on the tab “Fonts”. Now, click on the button “Browse all fonts”. You will be guided to the website of Adobe Fonts where you are able to search for certain fonts by using the search function. Once you found the font family that you where looking for, please click on “View family”. On the following page you are able to add the required typefaces by clicking “Activate font” next to the respective typeface. Some applications, like Adobe InDesign, make it easy to quickly identify missing fonts and conveniently sync them from Typekit. If you open a file that includes fonts missing on your computer, the software will inform you about that. You are then able to activate the missing fonts.

In this case, you will have to buy the font and install it to your computer. There are several websites on the internet that are putting the fonts for sale, e.g.:





Aktiv Grotesk




Each typeface costs between 20 – 25 EUR. You won’t have to buy the whole font family, to get started you just need the following typefaces:

Lexia XBold
Lexia Light

Aktiv Grotesk Bold
Aktiv Grotesk Medium
Aktiv Grotesk Light

Once you bought the fonts and downloaded them, you are able to install them by adding them to you font library.

We defined fallback fonts for Lexia Light and Lexia XBold for these character systems that you are able to use in your communication. These fonts are open source fonts and are therefore published under licenses that allow you to use them for any online and print projects without additional costs.

Character SystemName of Fallback FontFont StylesDownload Link
CyrillicRoboto SlabLight and Extra-Boldhttps://fonts.google.com/download?family=Roboto%20Slab
Chinese Simplified (China)Noto Sans SCLight and Blackhttps://fonts.google.com/download?family=Noto%20Sans%20SC
Chinese Traditional (Taiwan)Noto Sans TCLight and Blackhttps://fonts.google.com/download?family=Noto%20Sans%20TC
JapaneseNoto Sans JPLight and Blackhttps://fonts.google.com/download?family=Noto%20Sans%20JP
KoreanNoto Sans KRLight and Blackhttps://fonts.google.com/download?family=Noto%20Sans%20KR

Sure we can. Please send your request to design-marketing@wago.com

Please either create a new activity in Marmind and mention @Adrian Reinboth in the comment section in order to start the translation process, or write an email to design-marketing@wago.com

Please be sure to include the article number of the media that you desire to be translated.

Depending on the project, we might provide you with the required files. Please send your request to design-marketing@wago.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us before you release your design. We are happy to assist you in every possible way and look forward to help you further. Please send your design / your question to design-marketing@wago.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please take a look at the Asset “Our Colours”. There you will find the required information.

Your contact person at WAGO

WAGO Design-Team

If any questions occur concerning the design guidelines or the design assets, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you need any help with your design we will be happy to assist you.

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