BACnet: Manufacturer-Independent Building Control

“Building Automation and Control Networks” (BACnet) is a data transfer protocol for building automation and control. BACnet simplifies communication between products from different manufacturers within building automation.

BACnet in Brief:

  • Standardized data exchange for building automation
  • Uniform communication on the management, automation and field level
  • Cross-system integration of devices of different building control systems, e.g., elevator surveillance, access control, power supply or radio applications

BACnet Simply Explained

BACnet was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers Inc. – in short, ASHRAE. Published as an American standard in 1995, BACnet has been the ISO standard 16484-5 since 2003. BACnet provides open, interoperable building automation. As a result, extensions and changes in the building can be implemented independently of manufacturer and across systems. This is made possible by using common data points and coordinated functions.

Flexible Integration: BACnet in Building Automation

There is a multitude of different building automation protocols; in large-scale projects, individual systems often develop independently of one another. BACnet connects different systems and products, facilitating data exchange between different devices in a single overall system. BACnet supports a number of network technologies and topologies including the IP protocol, allowing cross-system integration of HVAC, lighting control, security and fire alarm systems on the management and automation level. That means not only increased flexibility, but less maintenance and installation costs for building automation and control. As a global communication standard, BACnet is tested by independent laboratories and continuously developed and maintained.

Advantages with BACnet:

  • Independent of technology and manufacturer

  • Compatible with various network technologies, e.g., ETHERNET, ARCNET LAN, MS/TP or PTP

  • Tested by independent laboratories

  • Constantly upgraded and updated standard

Affordable and Future-Proof: WAGO and BACnet

When combined, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 and BACnet offer sustainable and upgradeable solutions for HVAC applications in non-residential buildings. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 is a system designed for every application and full communication capability. WAGO's BACnet products provide cost-effective and dependable control solutions, allowing automation components to be reliably networked.

The product range includes BACnet controllers with IP or MS/TP interface and BACnet IP fieldbus couplers. The WAGO BACnet Configurator is available for easy configuration. All the modules within the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and interfaces to bus systems (e.g., KNX or DALI) are supported. The controllers are programmable according to IEC 61131-3. With its wide range of standard and specialty modules, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is ideal for various building automation applications.

BACnet System Graphics

Tested and Certified

WAGO's BACnet controllers are certified by independent test laboratories and carry the globally recognized BTL logo! Manufacturers of BACnet products can take advantage of conformity tests at recognized, accredited test agencies to prove their devices comply with the BACnet Standard ISO 16484-5 / ANSI ASHRAE 135.

These laboratory tests are consistently conducted according to the BTL Test Plan and the BACnet test standard ISO 16484-6/ANSI ASHRAE 135.1. The BTL mark is protected worldwide – only products which have been successfully tested in a BACnet test lab are authorized to carry the BTL logo within the framework of the corresponding listing process.

BACnet Products from WAGO


BACnet MS/TP Controller (750-829)

In addition to BACnet/IP, the standard also defines BACnet communication via 2-wire connections (BACnet MS/TP). BACnet MS/TP is often used in projects with HVAC applications. For this reason, the 750-829 Controller has been added to the existing WAGO portfolio. It offers the same BACnet functions as the 750-831 Controller in conjunction with a BACnet MS/TP interface. Together with the controller and the 750 Series I/O Modules, you can easily integrate standard I/O signals (DI, DO, AI, AO) in existing BACnet MS/TP networks, as well as technologies such as DALI, KNX, EnOcean or LON®. The controller can be programmed as usual, allowing you to easily simulate complex controllers.


  • Freely programmable control unit
  • Device profile: BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)
  • Highly modular I/O level
  • Integrated Webserver via service interface (ETHERNET)
  • Easy startup via WAGO BACnet Configurator

BACnet Configurator

WAGO's BACnet Configurator is a stand-alone application for commissioning, configuring and managing BACnet projects. The software allows you to easily commission controllers in a heterogeneous BACnet network. The configuration interface, for example, allows you to create the logical network structure, controller addressing or client and server configuration.

In addition, a value browser allows you to quickly query the properties of individual BACnet objects and provides an interface to change the current values. The software also offers configuration options and a snapshot function for controllers of other manufacturers.