Programming WAGO Controllers Featuring CODESYS 3.5
Training Location | Hilton Garden Inn - Lewisville, TX 75037

What you'll learn:

Introduction to CODESYS V3.5
  • Installation & Software Navigation
  • Installing WAGO Packages
  • Variable Types & Declarations
  • Addressing of I/O
  • Programming in LD, ST, and FBD Languages
  • Creating Programs, Functions & Function Blocks
  • Creating Visualizations & Web Pages
  • Creating & Using Custom Libraries
Introduction to WAGO CC100 Controller
  • Hardware Overview
  • Network Interface Configuration
  • Local I/O Configuration
  • Troubleshooting & Commissioning Using:
    - Web-based Management
    - WAGO-I/O-Check
    - WAGO Ethernet Settings
Networking of WAGO Devices
  • MODBUS/TCP Server & Client Communications
  • EtherNet/IP Communications
  • EtherCAT Communications
And much more!

2024 Schedule


  • April 11th - 12th

Target Group

The WAGO controller programming trainings are tailored for those individuals who have had hands-on work experience in programming and installing PFC, PLC or PC based industrial control systems. It is essential that attendees have knowledge of basic electronics, i.e. voltage, current and power relationships, and a basic knowledge of programming concepts.

Class Pricing & Requirements

  • Free to enroll with option to purchase a fully functional CC100 training kit along with all training and materials for $599 (valued at $1000+)
  • The training class includes several hands-on exercises with CODESYS 3.5 and Ethernet-based controllers; therefore, we request that each attendee bring a computer with RJ45 Ethernet connectivity along with Admin rights.
  • Please have CODESYS 3.5 along with the WAGO Device Support Package downloaded prior to class.