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IIoT Seminars

Live demonstrations of network security, IIoT functionality and WAGO controllers.

Seminar details

WAGO's Seamless and Secure Data Collection & Sharing

Topics covered:

• IIoT Overview: How it can help your application

• WAGO IIoT Ready PFC’s

• Network Security: Best practices, VPN, Firewall, Web Visualization

— Demonstration of topic

• OPC/UA Overview: IIoT Solution

— Demonstration of topic

• MTConnect: WAGO digitalTAP™

— Demonstration of topic

• MQTT/WAGO Cloud Connectivity

— Demonstration of topic

Seminars are FREE and include lunch.

Time: 10 am - 2 pm

Everyone is welcome to join us for lunch from 12 - 1.

There will be a drawing for an Amazon Echo, as well as other WAGO giveaways!