Over-Voltage Protection Modules

Because of how and where they are used, surge protection products must be versatile to ensure safe and error-free protection. WAGO's overvoltage protection products ensure reliable protection of electrical equipment and electronic systems against the effects of high voltages.

Product overview

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Early Ground Fault Detection

Increasing Availability via Improved and Preventive Maintenance

According to the IEC 60204-1 standard, measures must be taken to reduce the probability of malfunctions due to insulation faults/ground faults in a control circuit. A common option is connecting 0 V to the ground potential in the control circuit, in combination with an upstream fuse. With the new ground resistance signaling module, WAGO offers the possibility of detecting not only the 0 V grounding, but also the full and automatic undershooting of a non-adjustable, unbalanced insulation resistance between +24 V or 0 V of the supply voltage and ground. An integrated potential-free contact can be used to signal the Iso OK status to a controller. Additionally, on-module LEDs clearly indicate the insulation fault to the operator.

Compared to mechanical ground conductor disconnect terminal blocks, maintenance is considerably simplified. With this new module, a permanent insulation resistance test can now be performed every three months instead of the standard manual ground fault test. Early detection of imminent ground faults enables improved preventive maintenance, ensuring increased system uptime. A slide switch allows the user to select the grounded/ ungrounded control circuit operating mode. However, the module does not meet the requirements for insulation monitoring devices according to IEC 61557-8.

Your Benefits:

  • Automated insulation resistance measurement
  • Early detection of potential ground faults
  • Insulation fault indication via LEDs and potential-free contact

PoE ETHERNET Surge Protection

Protect your ETHERNET connection from electromagnetic anomalies such as lightning, high voltage shorts, etc. with our PoE ETHERNET surge protector. These are able to be used in networks with or without PoE, support 10/100/1000 Mb/sec communication and both are rated up to at least 1000 A (8/20 microseconds).


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