WINSTA® MIDI Artikelnr. 770-505/021-000

Trekontlastingsbehuizing; 5-polig; voor 1 kabel; 11,5 … 16,5 mm; 71 mm; zwart

Artikelnr. 770-505/021-000

Strain relief housing WINSTA® MIDI 5-pole

Put your trust in realiable sustainability for the installation for the implementation of your project: The strain relief housing from the WINSTA® MIDI product line. You can rely on the quality of WINSTA® components from WAGO for your electrical installation accessories too. The WINSTA® MIDI Pluggable Connection System with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology facilitates safe electrification. Due to the integrated test slot, connections can be checked even when they are plugged in. This saves time, labor, and money. The strip length is 71 mm.

Lower costs through fast commissioning and elimination of service expenses – solutions from WINSTA® MIDI

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is ideally tailored to the strict requirements of building installation. It makes electrical installation pluggable, and thus more efficient, more reliable, and error-free. Use of this pre-assembled system decreases time spent on assembly and errors during installation at the construction site. Now you can also reduce installation costs without compromising quality and safety: The WINSTA® MIDI accessory reduces the need for servicing and prevents unnecessary downtime.

  • for automation controllers
  • quick replacement of defective units during ongoing operation