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WAGO Cloud; 1000 License Points; Online activation

Collect, Analyze and Manage Data Centrally
The WAGO Cloud gives you the option of collecting data from various machines and managing it centrally.
The WAGO Cloud makes it possible to manage and monitor WAGO's controllers, including their data and applications. It is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. With simple, user-friendly operation, it was developed so that even people without IT experience can use it.
The cloud service is available online at https://cloud.wago.com/. After registering for free and linking to the WAGO Controllers, you can get started in just a few a few minutes.

How does machine data get to the WAGO Cloud?
A WAGO PFC Controller or Touch Panel serve as a gateway, collect the data and then send it to the WAGO Cloud. Users log into their user interface on the Web portal, where they can use various applications: They have access to functions like visualizations, controller and user management, as well as controller status monitoring. They can also activate alarm functions and use them to automatically send email notifications if defined limit values are exceeded, for example. Data can be graphically visualized, evaluated and exported as needed.

Do you need to restrict the data you send to the cloud?
No problem! You decide yourself by configuring the WAGO PFC Controller, specifying what data to send to the cloud or not via IEC program.

What kind of services can I use on the WAGO Cloud?
The WAGO Cloud is a universal industrial-strength data logger with data visualization. It allows customizable dashboards and analyses to be created quickly and easily in the cloud. Use interfaces via REST and CSV data export for further processing of data, or use them as a data supplier in order to perform detailed analyses in other systems, for example. Monitor controller statuses and receive notifications if specified limit values are exceeded.

How can I use the functions?
Test the WAGO Cloud for 30 days with no commitment to see if it’s right for you.
The cloud service is available online at https://cloud.wago.com/. After registering for free and linking to the WAGO controllers, you can get started in just a few minutes.
After that, you book license points with a prepaid model, via our WAGO eShop for example, and simply redeem them in the cloud. Transparent billing management in the cloud allows you to fully monitor the current and anticipated scope of the functions used. When your license points are almost used up, you receive a notice that you'll need to reload your points account soon.
Redeem license points at: https://cloud.wago.com/

Podrobnosti o produktu

Požadavky na systém
Další požadavky na systém PC with browser
Software data
Podporovaná zařízení PFC100, PFC200, Touch Panel 600
Podporované průmyslové sběrnice MQTT
Typ licence Point license
Způsob dodání Email
License type note Prepaid; Billing according to consumption
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Country of origin QU
GTIN 4055143841412
Customs tariff number 88888888888