Topics January 31, 2020
New Business Models for Module Manufacturers

MTP Opens New Development Possibilities for Machine Engineering

Where do a machine engineer's competencies lie? Is it in the way they construct their machines? In the refined sequencing of different sub-tasks that results in a machine as a whole? Or in the detailed knowledge of what the customers in their respective branch need? The answer to these questions is an unequivocal “Yes.” The answer to whether integrating one's machines into a customer's process management level is considered as a core competence is not quite so clear. Machine builders are professionals in mechanical engineering, but are not necessarily experts in SCADA systems. This statement clearly underscores why MTP offers them an enormous potential. The “Module Type Package” opens new market potential – either with or without preexisting SCADA expertise.

Your Benefits:

  • Renewed concentration on your own knowledge
  • New markets tapped
  • Independence from control systems and process management levels
  • Bundling specialized strengths and knowledge

Machine Engineers Now Freed from Control System

Working with the “Module Type Package” puts module manufacturers in a position to reinforce their value as suppliers in system technology. This is because their development effort can be devoted completely to advancing their machines or system modules – without expending resources for interfaces or software integration on the process management level. Furthermore, smaller machine engineers are no longer faced with the situation of engaging their own control system experts. The result of this aspect is that quite often, a lack of control system competence no longer matters at all for medium-sized, highly specialized system module manufacturers.

Independence from the Choice of Manufacturer

In most cases, module manufacturers have limited their choices of control technology to one or a maximum two branch- and market-specific manufacturers. If system engineers or operators employ other manufacturers, the module engineer is either forced out of the business or must contend with comprehensive and expensive reprogramming. Employing MTP, however, completely frees machine and system engineering from whatever brand name is stamped on the controls. The benefits are clear: The module engineer can wholly and completely concentrate on further development and improvement of their technology and machines – without the burden of integration into a control system.

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